I’m back! (Or, more accurately, our computer is back home with us, anyway). Unfortunately we lost all of our data that was stored on the computer when it crashed suddenly. Which means I’m re-searching for some of those favorite internet links to recipes, sewing projects, and other wonderful ideas which I had saved.

This time, I learned my lesson, and I’m bookmarking/organizing everything on delicious (a task I procrastinated on for far too long!). We also lost all the photos we had stored in iPhoto, so I’ve been trying to gradually track some down, and resave them. (I’ve been so thankful for my blog, which has some of my favorite links and photos saved on it!)

Here’s a 31 week pregnancy photo for you. This baby is definitely growing! We have another midwife appointment later this week, along with meeting our new pediatrician for the kids. You can see a bit of my baby preparations in the background (this photo is in our dining room, outside our bedroom). I’ll be sharing more about those projects that I’ve been working on, soon!

I hung our laundry outside on the line today (hoping it doesn’t get rained on!), while Gen pretended to be a farmer in the lawn. :) Then she and I ate our lentil hummus lunch with garden-fresh lettuce out on the back porch.

Gen has been begging to “do school” (she doesn’t realize she’s already learning so much throughout the day!), so I’ve been incorporating more preschool-focused activities throughout our day. (Thanks to Nana, for sending us some cute little “workbooks,” too!)

Well, It’s time for me to get back to finishing the butter that I started earlier today. We’ve really been enjoying all the lovely cream that comes with spring/summer milk!

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