A Sustainable Birthday

Today is my Beloved’s birthday!

Since I am writing this ahead of time to automatically post, I don’t know what the day will hold for you, my dear. But I hope it is full of joy, and that you will be incredibly blessed in this coming year. So much has happened in the past year, hasn’t it, my love? I look forward to the future with you.

For the past couple of years, we have chosen as a family to give sustainable gifts when celebrating holidays. This often means purchasing something made sustainably, creating our own homemade gifts, giving “just” a card made with love, or learning a new skill.

This year, I decided to browse the vintage offerings on Etsy, as a sustainable option. Since Calvin wears a fairly “unique” size of clothing, he often ends up buying pants that are slightly too large in the waist. To address that issue, he wears a belt, obviously, but has often mentioned a wish for a classic pair of suspenders!

I was able to find a vintage pair, and placed my order. The seller ended up being from France, so we’ve all had fun seeing the foreign stamps on the package. (We plan on giving them to a young second cousin, who has just begun his stamp collecting hobby.)

I also included a bar of sustainably-made Oregon Soap Company’s “Soapman Spice”-scented soap. Since our whole family just uses a bottle of liquid castile soap for our general hygiene, having one’s own personal bar of soap is a special treat. This “manly-scented” soap (which includes cinnamon) is one that he is sure to enjoy.

We plan to celebrate tomorrow, actually, when my mom arrives. (Calvin is scheduled to work on his birthday, anyway.) But I know he won’t be reading this anytime soon, so here is the sneak peek at his gift before I wrap it:

Remember, if you’re wanting our new mailing address, please let me know. :)

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