Baby Essentials (or Not): Baby Bedding

Friends of ours loaned us their Moses basket to use for our baby’s bed, and it is now sitting in our room on my dresser, waiting for our little one’s arrival. It looks like a nice cozy place to sleep, when the baby isn’t snuggled up with us. (Gen wants to know when “Moses” is going to get back into his basket, and we can toss it into the water; guess which Bible story she’s been hearing!)

I’ve been sewing sheets for the bed with some inexpensive cotton fabric ($1/yard!). I wasn’t thrilled with the polka dot pattern (seemed a bit too “circus-themed” for my personal tastes), but decided the sheets weren’t worth spending the extra money on just for cuteness. It was certainly more affordable than the mail-order Moses basket sheets I saw online!

Pillowcases can work instead of sheets, too; but with Gen (in a bassinet), we always seemed short on pillowcases for our own bedding! Plus, she was a very restless sleeper, and they didn’t stay on very well. So, this time around, I decided to sew up a handful of simple bed sheets.

The mattress is a thin oval shape, and I wasn’t able to find any suitable sewing patterns. I ended up scrutinizing the one sheet that came with the bed, and decided it seemed simple enough to just create my own sewing method.
I cut the fabric about 2 inches wider than the mattress (to allow for seam allowances). Then I sewed “dart” seams on the “corners” (on the seam allowance, from the edge of the fabric to the edge of the mattress), and hemmed around the edge. (You can clip the curves for precision, but honestly, once the elastic is inserted tightly, any mistakes will be hidden!) I ran 1/4″ elastic through the hem, and cinched it tight to snugly fit the mattress. (I think I was able to get 2 sheets from each 1-1 1/2 yards of fabric, approximately.)

The sheets and bed pads are stored in a basket next to the bed for quick middle-of-the-night changes. (I’m reusing a basket that we used to have in Gen’s nursery when she was a baby.) The diaper changing area is just a step away, outside the bedroom door.

Additionally, I had intended on sewing a special “lovey” blanket for the baby out of Minky dot and satin fabrics. (Gen has one of her own that is essential!) But after pricing fabrics (while cringing at the thought of sewing satin), and comparing them with ready-made blankets, I decided to support an Etsy seller, and purchase a darling chocolate brown blanket– the exact color I was hoping for!

Its smaller size is just right for snuggling with or tucking into a diaper bag. (Gen’s blanket is larger, and has always been a bit inconvenient in the diaper bag; but she finds it perfect for wrapping around herself as a pretend wedding dress. She calls hers “White Blankie…” you can see why I would want a brown blanket this time!) :)

I also couldn’t resist purchasing the small lightweight “lap quilt” from the thrift store during their 50% off sale over Memorial Day for $1.50, since we didn’t have any small “baby-sized” ones. I was just drawn to the “vintagey” blue and peach prints, which seemed appropriate for a boy or girl.

It will likely not actually be used as bedding, but more likely as a “floor play” blanket or just for snuggling. But for now, it has made the Moses basket look a little less lonely. :) I have hoped to begin sewing quilts for the kids at some point; maybe in the fall, once all the essentials are taken care of, and cooler weather arrives.
I look forward to sharing more of my baby projects with you soon!
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