Baby Essentials (or Not): Frugal Storage Options

In an effort to create additional storage space for baby essentials, I decided to clear off my nightstand (which I’ve had since childhood!). I was able to stack up baby blankets in the bottom half, and the drawer is currently storing a few supplies for birthing.

I was surprised at the number of receiving blankets our midwives said we should have on hand for the birth, and ended up needing to purchase more!

There are several nice handmade flannel blankets in the stack, but I’d prefer not to use those nice ones at the birth. I found some more “utilitarian” ones for that purpose, and stacked them on top (which I’ve since moved to our birth kit box for now).

I also wanted to keep my reading materials (which had been stored in the nightstand) close-at-hand, as I often enjoy a quiet reading time before falling asleep, or when waking up early to little kicks in my belly. (I’ve heard from other mamas that it is also nice to have some light reading on hand for nursing times, too.)

I decided to sew up a Bedside Organizer, repurposing some sturdy fabric I had on hand. (The red fabric was once a tablecloth, then refashioned into a window valence in our newlywed apartment, and now resewn again into this organizer!) I eyed the sewing pattern, but ended up creating my own method/measurements, based on the size of my favorite books/magazines I wanted to store.

Typically, a bedside organizer would hang above the floor, and not be sitting so low and saggy. But our futon bed is quite low to the ground! (The top part of the organizer tucks in underneath the mattress.)

You can see two of my favorite devotionals stored in the front: 40 Weeks (I read this weekly) and Come Away My Beloved (I read this daily). I also have my Bible in a larger pocket in the back, a couple other favorite books, and occasionally a magazine, such as Above Rubies.

Once again, I used items that I had on hand, choosing frugal options, as well as developing storage that wasn’t cluttering our small home with more furniture!

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