Frugal Maternity Wear

Early on in my pregnancy, when I realized that my hips were rapidly widening, I knew that some new clothing would be in order.

I wanted long, flowing modest skirts (which is what I am most comfortable in on a daily basis anyway). I wanted a fairly lightweight fabric that would wear well through a pregnancy during the hot summer. I also preferred skirts instead of dresses, hoping to avoid purchasing an additional postpartum/nursing-wear wardrobe later.

But when “window-shopping” for ready-made maternity skirts, I discovered that long modest skirts were incredibly scarce (to none) in the stores. The ones I saw online averaged from $50-$80 apiece; certainly out of my price range.

I decided to sew my own skirts, and went to the fabric store on a sale day in early February to make my purchases. I used the simple sewing pattern here (based on this original pattern), and sewed up a couple skirts quickly.

I used a chocolate brown jersey for the stretchy-band top on both skirts. (During pregnancy, I’ve worn the top folded over a couple times, but it can be unfolded to cover the tummy during nursing.) I’ve also seen similar “stretchy-topped” skirts in non-maternity wear since then (but usually in a shorter length), which extends the frugality of these clothing items even further!

I sewed one skirt from a light purple/blue batik fabric, and another from a peach-colored cotton “crinkle” fabric, which I discovered on the clearance rack. (You can see a better view of the peach skirt in this post.)

These skirts have been the perfect wardrobe item through winter, spring, and summer! During cooler weather, I paired the skirts with leggings and cardigan sweaters, and in the summer, I’ve worn light blouses and T-shirts.

The total cost for each skirt was around $15; much more comfortable for the budget- and that expanding waistline!
(Gen is giving the baby kisses on my belly, and posing for the camera!)

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