Living A Simple Life-Part 60: Preparing for Natural Birth

This past week, we had a lovely visit with our midwives, and a dear friend (who is planning on attending the birth) was able to be there with us as well. She got to hear the baby’s heartbeat through the fetoscope, and feel the baby snuggled up in my tummy!

Since I’ll technically be “full-term” at the end of July, the midwives have asked that we complete our birth preparations by July 20th, when they will be visiting our home. We are required to have the “Birth Kit” ready, as well as an additional list of supplies. (We will also be arranging to pick up the waterbirthing tub soon, too.)

While sitting at the library with my laptop, researching birth supplies online, I fielded quite a few questions from other patrons, as they spied my paperwork on the table! People were definitely curious about homebirth, waterbirth, natural birthing, etc.

I chose to answer the questions with a smile, hopefully blessing their lives with a glimpse at the joy of God’s miraculous hand in birthing. This simple choice allowed me to show love to strangers (as well as honoring my baby), instead of becoming irritated at their “intrusion.” It was also a choice to “live in community,” interacting with others in our neighborhood.

I compared a few birthing supply companies when ordering our supplies. I’ve been preparing some herbal remedies to have on hand (some of which are on the midwives’ “required” list), and we already had some basic “first aid” items on hand. So, with my list of needed supplies narrowed down, I set out to order.

I narrowed down my choices to two Christian birthing supply companies: Precious Arrows (recommended by Christine) and In His Hands (recommended in one of my favorite pregnancy books, The Christian Childbirth Handbook). (I eventually placed the order with In His Hands.)

As we make our preparations, it is so nice to keep things simple and natural. I can choose “natural” birthing supplies that would not be offered in a hospital, and I know that I can be in the comfort of my own home, surrounded by my family.

So, what was on your list of postpartum essentials? I’d love your suggestions, as I finish up my preparations! I look forward to sharing more of my preparations with you soon!

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2 comments to Living A Simple Life-Part 60: Preparing for Natural Birth

  • Anonymous

    We are planning the birth of baby #2 in hospital and then we're heading back home (it makes me feel secure somehow :))
    Anyway, there are a few bits and pieces we had to prepare:
    – red juice (especially good if you lose blood). We have cranberry and cherry juice in our cellar
    – my nightgown
    – a few t-shirts that are especially made for nursing
    – family and friends who are going to bring us meals
    – clothes for our little one
    – family/friends who are going to take care of our son for the time we're at hospital
    – a midwife who is going to visit us and check up on me once we're home
    We're due in about two weeks – I'm really excited.


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