Living A Simple Life-Part 63: Blessingway

On Saturday, some close friends gave me a “Blessingway Shower.” It was a delightful event of “don’t worry about gifts; just bring your presence,” where we were able to focus on a meditative, intimate time of prayer for my upcoming birthing, and this precious little life.

It was so relaxing to enjoy the simplicity of friendship, delicious (gluten-free!) food, candles, soft music, and the surrounding prayers. Each guest was given a red candle to take home, to light in prayer when I go into labor.

I was also thrilled to receive a henna painting on my belly! My dear friend was inspired by a Celtic “Tree of Life” design she found on the internet, and freehandedly drew the knotwork/floral design on my belly, complete with her own embellishments. (It is very similar to the design work on my Irish wedding ring.)

What a fun way to celebrate the life inside! As she worked on the drawing, the baby occasionally presented her with a challenging “canvas,” with lots of kicking/shifting (especially once she turned on the instrumental music)!

As the women prayed, they strung beads onto a jewelry string to create a “prayer bracelet” (each bead represented a prayer offered). It is a beautiful, eclectic assortment of red, pink, white, and metal beads. Once completed, it was placed upon my wrist to wear. They also wrote their prayers/affirmations for me in a pretty little booklet.

As a “thank you” for coming, I had prepared small favors for each guest. I sewed envelopes from vellum paper, and enclosed an organic green tea bag.

I sealed it with stickers from a local “art supply thrift store” that said “Baby Love.” Then I tied on a card (in a “tree” print paper) that said ‘A Baby is Brewing!’ Thank you so much for blessing me today. I really appreciate your prayers & support.”
I was also awed to receive an answer to a “mama wish:” I was presented with a gliding rocking chair/ottoman set! I am so overwhelmed by God’s provision through a friend’s generosity, and grateful that I’ll be able to put my feet up while caring for a new little one.

What a beautiful day!

Photos were taken by my friend Sarah (other than the belly & favors photos). Thank you!
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