Preparing for Postpartum: Herbal Bath Recipe

One of the required items on the birthing/postpartum supply list from my midwives is an herbal bath mixture (to be used in a sitz bath and/or with a rinse bottle).

Instead of purchasing an expensive pre-made mixture, I bought herbs in bulk (to be used in some of my other home remedies as well), and made my own!

I was blessed with some herbs in a gift package from Donielle, who also gave me a “jump-start” with her wonderful recipe. I added in more lovely herbs, from a recent Mountain Rose Herbs order (using a 50% off Chinook Book coupon from a friend) for a more “elaborate” mixture. (I used all dried herbs in my mixture; not fresh.)

Postpartum Herbal Bath/Rinse
1/2 cup Comfrey Leaves
1/4 cup Uvi Ursi Leaves
1/4 cup Shepherd’s Purse
1/2 cup Sea Salt
1/4 cup Lavender Flowers
1/8 cup Myrrh
1/2 gallon Boiling Water

Mix herbs & salt together in a jar. When preparing, add to the boiling water, and let steep 30 min to a few hours, until a strong herbal tea is formed. Strain and refrigerate (if prepared ahead of time). Pour 2 cups (or more, as desired) into a postpartum bath/sitz bath after delivery. You can also add this to a squirt bottle as a rinse.

My midwives have also requested the addition of Calendula to the rinse; so I will be preparing a Calendula (and possibly Witch Hazel) Tea to pour in as well. (I didn’t have any dried Calendula flowers on hand; just the powder.) If you have the dried flowers on hand, I recommend adding 1/4 cup to the original bath recipe.

I think preparing the tea will be one of my “labor projects” to stay busy during early labor! (I’ve already made the dry herb combination in a jar ahead of time.)

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3 comments to Preparing for Postpartum: Herbal Bath Recipe

  • Anonymous

    Just to add to the idea od post partum recipes… My midwives just made a goldenseal tea, stored in the fridge to pour in to a squirt bottle as needed—to cleanse after using the toilet. The thing I liked best was a lavender water rinse, I think it was 10-15 drops in the peri wash bottle- 1 cup, to be used before and after pregnancy, after using the restroom–smells nice, leaves you feeling fresh.


  • […] blend (look for a blend that contains shepherd’s purse, uvi ursi, and comfrey leaves, or try this recipe). ┬áTypically, you steep the herbs in boiling water for a couple of hours, then remove the herbs. […]

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