Baby Essentials (or Not): Baby Wipes Travel Case

As everyone knows, a diaper bag is never complete without a handful of baby wipes! As a cloth-diapering family, we carry cloth wipes along with the cloth diapers in our bag. (It’s so much easier for me to toss a dirty diaper and wipe together into the portable laundry bag, than coordinating using disposable wipes with cloth diapers.)

Whether you use cloth or disposable wipes, it’s nice to have a container to carry them in. We have an old Huggies travel wipes case from when Gen was a baby, and it was looking rather beat up. (For instance, the little flap on top for dispensing disposable wipes rarely got used, but she thought it was great fun to pop it off on a regular basis!)

I loved the look of the “boutique” decorated wipes cases (I’ve seen quite a few on Etsy), and was thrilled to find a tutorial on how to make my own!

I picked up some classic-looking black & white print cotton fabric off of the 50% off remnant bin at the fabric store, along with a package of black braided trim on clearance for 50 cents. (Although, I accidentally made things a bit more challenging for myself by getting the 3/16″ trim, instead of 1/2″ trim, like the directions recommend! But it worked out fine.)

I have a bag of batting pieces which I purchased at a thrift store several years ago for 25 cents, and it’s been my source for many small projects. I delved into the bag once again for this project to stuff the top of the case.

Armed with hot glue gun in hand, and my toddler safely at the park with Daddy, I got started on my project. An hour later, I had what looked like a brand new wipes case! I tossed some of my homemade cloth wipes inside, and tucked the case into our newly-packed diaper bag.

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