Baby Essentials (or Not): Cloth Wipes & Diaper Doublers

Along with a good supply of cloth diapers, I have found that an endless supply of cloth wipes is a valuable asset to the diapering stash. (It is so nice to have soft wipes for the baby, and to not be purchasing disposables.)

We still use the cloth wipes for Gen; toddlers aren’t very proficient in using toilet paper during the early potty years. In preparation for having two little ones using cloth wipes, I’ve been gradually sewing more over the past few months. It has also been wonderful to have these soft wipes as part of my “Mama Cloth” supply, as well.

I had some flannel wipes on hand from last year, and then I made a set of double-layered terry/flannel wipes using this tutorial. I used some old washcloths (cut into quarters) for the terry side, and some flannel from the thrift store.

I zig-zag stitched around the edges, using up little “odds & ends” lengths of thread off of spools that didn’t have enough thread for a bigger project. (This ended up being a fun multi-colored look!)

Recently, I decided to sew some double-layered wipes using fleece and flannel, with this turned-stitched method. (The ones shown here were a gift for a friend’s new baby, along with one of my “crayon rolls” for the big brother.) ETA: Sorry, the directions don’t seem to be available at this point; I may need to post a simple tutorial of my own in the future!

This turned-stitch method inspired me to sew up some little diaper doublers for our small cloth diapers. (We just had large doublers for Gen’s nighttime diapers; much too big for a young baby!)

I used scraps of the microfiber fabric leftover from sewing “Mama Cloth,” along with more of my thrift store flannel. (These little doublers can easily convert to becoming baby wipes, once the baby outgrows them.)

Since they’re sewn from scraps, they all vary in size a bit. I store them in the hanging diaper stacker, along with other supplies, at the baby’s changing area.
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