Baby Essentials (or Not): No-Sew Bed Pads

During a conversation with Calvin, when we were reminiscing about Gen’s early baby days, I remembered all those baby messes! It seemed like we were constantly changing our own bed, due to this tiny little person! Apparently, in our sleep-deprived, new parent state, we never came up with a workable solution to this issue in sharing a bed with a baby.

I was inspired by these fleece drapes, and decided they might help with this need (in addition to the wonderful postpartum uses the creator has mentioned). I decided to make up some fleece bed pads. At 19″ x 26″, these seem to be the right size for using in our bed, or placing in a baby’s little bed (before they’re too mobile).

I’m sure the seller of the drapes has created a much more beautiful product (certainly with straighter edges than I cut out!). But I picked up some fleece off of the clearance rack, washed & dried it, and roughly cut out the rectangles. (I didn’t do any hemming, since fleece doesn’t fray.) I was able to get 4 pads out of approximately 1 yard of fabric.

I giggled at the finished product; I don’t typically decorate my bedroom with some sort of “Americana Baseball” print!” But it was the only fleece I could find on clearance. Given its function, the print doesn’t really matter. It will be hidden in the bed, on top of the sheet, anyway.

I folded them up, and stored them in the basket on my dresser, which also holds extra sheets for the Moses Basket bed. These were incredibly easy- there’s no sewing involved! I just quickly cut them out while the little boy I was babysitting was taking a nap. (I didn’t want to run the noisy sewing machine, and run the risk of waking him up, so this was perfect!)

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