Big Sister Practice

Gen is so excited about being a big sister. A few weeks ago, she decided that she wanted to help prepare for the baby, and get some “big sister practice” in before the baby is born! (I told her she needed to finish breakfast first, and then we could get right on that!) :)

So, after breakfast was done, we opened up the baby’s storage cabinet. She proceeded with “inventory,” making sure all the items she deemed important were there. (Checking up on her mama, I guess!) She wanted to make sure that we had mittens for the baby, because “Babies scratch!”

She was also pleased to see plenty of hats- a favorite wardrobe item of her own- for the baby (although she is still mystified that the baby might not have any hair!). She insisted that a pair of jeans was very important, and there actually was a pair in there! (I think someone gave it to us in a box of hand-me-downs when Gen was a baby, but they had already been too small for her.)

She loved seeing all the little pajamas, shirts, socks, and gowns, as well as the diapers. (I think we’re all enamored by the tiny size of those cloth newborn diapers and socks, actually!) Gen recognized the red socks from photos of when she was a newborn (as a December baby), and dubbed them “Christmas socks!”

She also found a babywearing sling, and wanted to try it on. Then she decided to run and get her baby doll for some “real” practice! (That sling needed a baby in it!)

Gen asked me to help her dress the baby with a hat, mittens (she decided a mis-matched pair would be the best), socks, and a diaper. She even made sure that I remembered to put a diaper cover over the diaper! What a great helper.

Then Gen proceeded to walk around, rocking the baby doll, and repeatedly proudly announcing, “I’m the big sister!” In fact, she was so proud of that momentous news as she posed for the camera, that she forgot completely about the “baby,” and it soon slipped out of her hands, landing on its head on the floor…

Yeah, I think we’re ready. 😉

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