Mama Cloth

In my preparations for the postpartum season, I have been gradually working on creating a supply of “Mama Cloth.” I knew the cost of using solely disposable products was not in our budget, plus it just sounded more comfortable and sustainable!

Since we’re using cloth diapers anyway, there really isn’t any extra laundry. (Amy has a great overview on caring for “Mama Cloth” here.)

My midwives requested that I have a few boxes of disposable pads in my homebirth kit, so I chose to purchase some of the Natracare Maternity Pads. I was able to find them very reasonably priced through our co-op (around $4 per box). This brand is a fairly sustainable option, if not using cloth.

I picked up a large amount of flannel yardage from a local “art supply thrift store” earlier this spring, knowing that I could make all sorts of baby/mama necessities with it! (By the way, for local folks, the Chinook Book offers a 25% off any material purchase at SCRAP!)

One of the fabrics was a dark plaid, and the other was a white/pastel “baby” print. Along with the flannel fabrics, I had some old fleece fabric (given to me by a friend years ago, when she cleaned out her stash). I also purchased some microfiber towels from the automotive section at the dollar store for 50 cents apiece.

I had received a gift certificate to the fabric store for my birthday in December, so I used that to purchase a snap setter and some packages of snaps. (Not essential, but definitely helpful when sewing up a large batch!)

I created patterns for my desired sizes of pads, sewing up an assortment (from “heavy” to “light”). I found many patterns available online, including this one and this one, and gleaned information from a few different ones when sewing.

I saved my scraps of the microfiber towels for future projects, since there were some bigger pieces left; I’ll show you soon!

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  • askpauline

    Carmen, I just throw them in a cold wash (to reduce staining), then throw them in a warm wash (because this seems to get them cleaner), then throw them in the dryer. I've been amazed at how little they've stained doing it this way, though I don't really mind stains. It also seems to help to use dark fabrics.

    The snaps do a great job at holding them on, and it's really easy to fasten them – much easier, in fact, than the stick-on disposables. They stay in place well, and they don't bunch up like the disposables can do.


  • Thanks for finally writing about > Mama Cloth | Frugal Granola < Liked it!


  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on baby essentials (or not).


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