Menu Plan Monday

I sat down in mid-July, and planned out some meal plans for a few weeks ahead. At this point, obviously, everything is subject to change depending on baby’s arrival. But I wanted to have something to work with for our first days with company visiting. Still lots of garden zucchini & lettuce on the menu! :)


To Do: Soak Lentils, Make Sunflower Seed Butter


To Do: Make Sourdough Bread


  • Breakfast: Eggs, Toast
  • Lunch: Salmon Salad Sandwiches, Watermelon
  • Dinner: Zucchini Oven Pancake (from Simply in Season), Green Salad

To Do: Pick Up Milk, Soak Porridge, Soak Rice


  • Breakfast: Oat or Buckwheat Porridge, Eggs
  • Lunch: Cheese Sandwiches, Watermelon
  • Dinner: Beef Roast, Brown Rice Pilaf, Green Salad

To Do: Make Butter


  • Breakfast: Buttermilk Pancakes, Eggs
  • Lunch: Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Watermelon
  • Dinner: Bean Salad with Nourishing Traditions Oriental Dressing, Bread, Carrot Sticks, Cheesecake Pudding w/homegrown Blackberries

To Do: Thaw Apples


To Do: Soak Porridge


  • Breakfast: Oat or Buckwheat Porridge, Eggs
  • Lunch: Cheese Slices, Popcorn, Carrot Sticks, Watermelon
  • Dinner: Leftover Roast Beef w/Oriental Dressing on Green Salad, Bread & Butter

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