Some Basic Preparations

As part of my preparations for the postpartum season, and the busy life with a new baby, I’ve been trying to make sure that some of our basic staples are stocked up.

Calvin recently made another batch of our Liquid Hand Soap, this time in a light lavender scent. After refilling our soap dispensers, we have a couple quarts extra in the cupboard. This should be enough to last us the rest of the year, since he made the previous batch in December!

I’ve been keeping our bottles of Homemade Shampoo and “Conditioner” Hair Rinse full (although I remember showers often being a rare treat during that early baby stage!). At least my husband will show up at work smelling clean!

I mixed up a batch of Homemade Toothpaste. We surmised that a cinnamon flavoring might have been a fun choice, too, instead of the mint.

The stevia turned the toothpaste an amusing shade of green, but no one really minds. (I had to keep double-checking myself to make sure I hadn’t accidently added plantain; the powders look so much alike!) Gen loves the toothpaste, and exclaims “It’s sweet!” every time we brush her teeth. (Thankfully all the ingredients are edible.)

I also have a “refill” jar of my Homemade Air Freshener in our cupboard, and made sure the spray bottle in the bathroom was full. (I just mixed up a double batch.) This is great to have on hand with all the inevitable visitors that will be in and out of our home in the coming weeks. It also makes a great “linen freshener” to mist onto bedding for sweet dreams.

I’ve also mixed up a batch of Homemade Dishwasher Detergent (adding in the salt, which seems to help in our older dishwasher), to have on hand for dishes.

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We’ve made sure our herbal medicine kit is fairly well-stocked with herbal tea remedies, herb pastes/salves, a few homeopathics, etc. (You can see my Herbal Postpartum Bath recipe here, and our Herbal Baby Powder here.) I’ll be sharing more of those with you soon! I’ve also made sure we have raw honey, coconut water, and raw ginger ready in our pantry for energy and rehydration during labor.

I still have plenty of Homemade Natural Lip Balm in store, too, which I’ll be making sure to keep at hand during labor as well.

After our homebirth and the early weeks of the midwives’/family’s visits, I’m sure we’ll need to be restocking other staples, such as cleaning supplies, laundry soap, and toilet paper. (That is one nice thing about hospital births, I must say; they handle all the cleaning, laundry, and garbage from the birth/care for you! But it’s worth it to me to be at home.) However, we don’t really have the storage space (or a budget) to stock up much of these larger items ahead of time.

One of my nesting projects that has consumed me in both times of expecting our children is the laundry! My mind seems to obsess on keeping it empty! This borders on slightly silly at times, but it has ended up being a good thing.

With Gen, we needed the clean laundry, so that we were ready to travel at a moment’s notice. With this baby, our midwives will need full access to the washer & dryer, as well as making sure laundry baskets aren’t cluttering the traffic flow during the birth in our small home. (The washer & dryer are in the kitchen.)

I find myself daily hanging a load of wash on the clothesline outside, while Gen plays in the yard. I also keep some of my Lavender Dryer Sachets on hand, in case the dryer is needed.

Hopefully, these simple preparations will help keep things running a bit more smoothly around our home in the coming days. :)

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