Summer Treat: Watermelon Lime Cooler

We haven’t been buying juice for some months now, and have made greater use of our juicer (a cheap craigslist find last year) and our old blender.

As the seasons have changed, the juice ingredients have varied. During the winter, the juices usually consisted of carrots and apples, along with the occasional orange.

Once summer arrived, I was excited to find watermelons at the produce market behind our house for 29 cents a pound. (Unfortunately, they’re not organic or local… just balancing the budget and nutrition here.)

I have consciously focused on getting enough vitamin C each day as part of my pregnancy diet (it helps with iron absorption), and it has paid off. My midwives have been thrilled with my hemoglobin test results, and aren’t concerned about anemia, thankfully!

Red berries (like strawberries and raspberries), tomatoes, and bell peppers are also great summer sources of vitamin C, and we have enjoyed some delicious local, organic berries from the Farmer’s Market.

Since the berries don’t last very long, I froze some, and made jam- along with eating some fresh ones along the way! :) The watermelons have a much longer “shelf life” in the refrigerator, though, and have been easier on the budget.

In addition to the usual melon slices/balls with meals, I often like to make a watermelon “juice” in the blender. It is a fun “pick-me-up” in the morning, or a refreshing afternoon treat on a hot day.

Watermelon Cooler
serves one
1 cup chilled, chopped Watermelon (seedless)
1-2 tsp. Lime Juice*

Add watermelon and lime juice to blender. Blend to desired consistency (a short time for a “slushy” texture, with watermelon chunks remaining, or blend longer for “juice.”) Add additional lime juice if desired. Enjoy!

*As a variation, a couple mint sprigs can be added instead of the lime juice for a different summer flavor- and a great way to use those spreading mint plants!

This recipe can be easily increased to serve a crowd.

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