Diapering Update

I just realized that I had forgotten to share with you that I had the privilege of sharing in Stephanie’s post on Cloth Diapering A Newborn last week. Stop by for a great informational resource on diapering these littlest ones!

Enoch has grown so quickly (I’m guessing my little chunk is over 10 lbs now!), and we’ve started to dig further into our cloth diaper stash.

We have quite the random assortment of diapers at our house, compiled from thrift store finds, gifts from friends, consignment sales, and purchases off of craigslist and eBay. I’m not really “stuck” on one brand at this point, and just use whatever we can find that is affordable.

Enoch still fits in the Kissaluvs Size 0 diapers, and we’ve moved up to the size small diaper covers, instead of the newborn size now. (Gen didn’t reach 10 lbs until she was a few months old, so she would really have benefitted from these little diapers.) He is also starting to fit into the Kissaluvs Size 1 diapers, under medium size covers (due to the extra bulkiness).

Enoch also now fits well in the BumGenius One-Size Pocket Diapers (snapped down to the smallest setting), the FuzziBunz Sizes Small and Medium Pocket Diapers, and Bumkins AIO Size Small Diapers. We like to use the pocket diapers for nighttime and traveling, now that he is sleeping in long stretches of time, to keep him more comfortable.

We also still use some Small Unbleached Prefolds, under a size small cover (Bummis, Proraps, and Diaperaps covers). We close the prefolds using a Snappi or basic diaper pins.

I have also started using my homemade microfiber/flannel doublers in his prefolds and the Kissaluvs for extra absorbency and to prevent diaper rash. We’ve also found that Fleece Liners work well for this purpose, too.

Our main challenge with his diapering has been that he has a chubby belly, but thinner legs. :) We needed a diaper that could accommodate both areas without leakage.

Gen still uses the Bumkins AIO Diapers (size large; she’s between 25-30 lbs) for sleeping, and at night we tuck in a Hemparoos doubler or Babyworks unbleached terry doubler. We don’t have the original inserts for Enoch’s pocket diapers, so we use those doublers as inserts at this point, as well!

We’ve also been babysitting a 16-month old little boy who uses gDiapers. (I’ve also found that our Bumkins size Medium fits him well, too, as he’s between 20-25 lbs.) I’ve discovered that our small prefolds fit perfectly folded inside the gDiaper cover, instead of using the disposable insert! I wouldn’t recommend it for nighttime use, as it doesn’t seem absorbent enough (but neither are the disposable gDiaper inserts).

The Kushies Flushable Diaper Liners are great in any diaper for little ones who have started eating solid foods. We still use homemade cloth wipes for both kids (and they were great to have during that sensitive postpartum stage with my “mama cloth“!). While traveling this past weekend, I put the dirties into my homemade wet bag.

So, visit Stephanie’s post for a wealth of advice from other cloth-diapering mamas!

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3 comments to Diapering Update

  • Meg

    I had read Stephanie's post a while ago, and I'm glad you did a follow-up! We actually use the Gdiapers for our 22 month old – they're really helping with the potty training. We also use the unbleached prefolds instead of those disposable pads. I just make him waddle 😉 for sleeping – double prefolds, plus an insert. So far, no leaks, which always impresses me. :)


  • Deb

    It's always good to read about other cloth-diapering mamas' experiences. We have cloth diapered Silvie since week 2, but just recently have been having trouble at night. I think she would sleep through the night except that she wakes up in the middle of the night SOAKED. I think I'll get some more pocket diapers and use the hemp doublers that I have and see if that takes care of it. Any tips?


  • Michele @ Frugal Granola

    Hi, Deb,
    We've found that for Gen's nighttime diapers, we need to use a hemp doubler inside her Bumkins AIO (the hemp ones are really absorbent!). For Enoch's nighttime diapers, I put in a hemp doubler, plus a terry liner into the pocket diapers.

    So far, that's what has worked for us. Hopefully you find something that works for little Silvie! Maybe I'll see you Monday, and we can chat more. :)



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