Living A Simple Life-Part 68: Season of Adjusting

Right now, we are in the midst of a season of adjustment as a family. I have been online very little, and have continued with the “automatic posts” on this blog through the past few weeks.

Gen is still trying to comprehend what it means to have a new little brother. She is both excited with his presence, but disappointed at having to share her parents’ attention; a jumble of emotions that is difficult for a 2 1/2 year-old to comprehend. As parents, we’re learning what it means to divide our attention constantly between two little ones with “high needs.”
We really enjoyed Calvin’s family leave (he took 2 weeks off, and went back to work on the 2nd). One thing we enjoyed as a family during that time was family reading time. Gen chose the abridged, illustrated version of Wind In the Willows, and regularly asks for “Moley?” We all curl up in our bed together in the quilts, and listen as Calvin reads aloud, as I nurse Enoch. We are working to incorporate this into our daily schedule as much as possible!
I’ve also been preparing- in small time increments- for a seasonal consignment sale again. Twice a year, I go through the children’s clothes, sorting to “give away,” “keep,” or “sell.” Gen loves stacking up her outgrown things, saying “Someone else’s turn!” :) She has such a generous spirit. (Local friends, if you decide to take part in the sale, let them know I referred you!)

I haven’t gotten back into menu planning yet, and so meals have been a bit haphazard lately. Thankfully, I’ve had some meals saved in the freezer, and friends have lovingly brought us grocery staples to keep our family going! One dear friend even blessed me with a crockpot, which I’m sure will be a lifesaver on many days.
So, right now, we are keeping things very simple; making sure the little ones are clean, dry, and fed, and not much else! :) We are trying to rest as much as possible, focusing mainly on cherishing our little ones and nurturing our marriage during this season.

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5 comments to Living A Simple Life-Part 68: Season of Adjusting

  • Amanda Kaake

    Each little one brings a time of adjusting – and how precious we can make that. We also love our family reading time as well as our crockpot. May you find rest, joy and peace with this new adjustment.


  • Michele

    You are right to cherish each moment, they grow up so fast!


  • Anonymous

    I found it interseting to read how you get along with two children. I myself will have my second baby in a few days and I still can't imagine how I'll manage. But I'll keep in mind "keep it simple" :)


  • Emily

    What a sweet family post! Enjoy your little ones! I love to hear how you read with your children. I cherish the memories of my mom reading to us older ones while she nursed the baby, and I look forward to the day when I can do so. My husband's mom also read to him, and one of his favorites was "Wind In the Willows"!


  • Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship

    The transition is pretty intense…I feel like I'm STILL adjusting, and my baby is almost 16 months! Now I'm just adjusting to the havoc she wreaks while she wanders (and climbs!). The best sound in the world? Two kids giggling together in a room without an adult.

    God bless,


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