Living A Simple Life-Part 69: Schooling

I have been meaning to share with you some of the resources we’ve been using this summer for Gen’s informal “preschool” homeschool activities. At this point, our activities have mostly involved books from the library, in addition to a few books that we own (some of them gifts from Nana).

It’s still early in her education, and we’re taking a “laid-back” approach; encouraging topics as she expresses an interest. She especially enjoys our letter-focused crafts, and asks to “Do School.” She insists that she is an Artist, and is constantly doodling something. Our dining room table has an ever-present small vintage basket of crayons, pens, and pencils and a stack of paper for her use. One of our local libraries has an easel in the children’s section for patron’s use, and she loves to visit “The Artist Library,” as she calls it!

Gen’s initial inspiration for “being an Artist” was due to reading one of her favorite books, The Art Lesson by Tomie dePaola (which we own, and she even slept with for several months!).

We take regular trips to the library for picture books that we read throughout the day. Some of her favorites include The Story of Babar, Curious George, and Richard Scarry books. Gen has also been thrilled to receive some Sandra Boynton books as “big sister presents” that I stashed away for her after purchasing them at a consignment sale last spring.

We have enjoyed a few different alphabet-focused art books over the summer, such as A is for Artist and A Is for Art: An Abstract Alphabet.

Gen has many varied interests, and we seek to cultivate her joy for the world around her, as well as encourage her budding faith in God’s love for her. Her favorite topics usually involve animals that we’ve recently read about or seen at the zoo, nature/science topics, and art/music. She has developed in her counting abilities over the summer, and her interest in words/letters has grown. I look forward to sharing more of our activities with you soon!

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