Living A Simple Life-Part 70: Roadtrip With Little Ones

This past weekend, we decided to head out for our annual family fall beach trip. It quickly became a “comedy of errors” weekend, as we traveled with a newborn and a 2 1/2-year old! A combination of hungry little ones, carsickness, poopy infant newborn diapers, potty stops, fussiness, and sleepiness caused us to have many stops along the way. (At one point, it took us 2 hours to go a 38 mile distance down the highway!)

When we finally arrived at the campground, it was full (apparently there were several big events in town that weekend), so we took our sticky, stinky kids to a hotel! We just laugh now, as we look at the “vacation” from the perspective of a preschooler! In Gen’s eyes, it was a fabulous weekend.

(Don’t you just remember the joyous awe at your first experience of hotel ice machines, elevators, bathtubs, and even an educational animal trivia show on TV?) :) We pumped up Gen’s air mattress that we had brought for camping and she was thrilled to sleep in her sleeping bag, We giggled at her observation that the hotel room phone had “a string on it!” (we just use cell phones in our family, so she’s never seen a telephone cord).

The next day, we surprised Grandma and the great aunties at their vacation home; some of whom had never met either of our little ones. We spent the day with a picnic on the beach, flying a kite, splashing in the water, and then a trip to the carousel in town.

I got teary-eyed with sentimentality as I watched my little girl experiencing her first carousel ride! Carousels were one of my favorite things from childhood, and I loved seeing my daughter have this simple pleasure. It was definitely worth the fuss of the trip!

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