Natural Medicine Kit Essential: Arnica

One staple medicinal remedy that our family always keeps in our “natural medicine kit” is Arnica. Arnica is a wonderful homeopathic remedy for treating the inevitable bumps and bruises of life, and is a great natural alternative to ibuprofen.

We typically apply a small amount of Arnica Gel when Gen bumps her head, for instance. It’s nice to not have to give our toddler a systemic medication. I first became aware of this remedy when I took ballet in college, and one of the other dancers used it to treat a large bruise on her leg.

We also keep Arnica Pellets for oral usage on hand. My midwives “prescribed” a regular dose for me in treating my postpartum needs. (After long hours of pushing during labor, I had a lot of swelling/tearing, including a hematoma; this treatment worked amazingly well just overnight!) This is also a great treatment for aches & pains such as headaches.

Calvin recently used both the topical gel and oral doses of Arnica in treating a sprained ankle. (Alas; he played a bit too hard at a church kickball game at the park a couple weeks ago!) :)

In preparation for a natural labor, I also purchased a bottle of Arnica & St. John’s Wort Massage Oil. Calvin mentioned later that this was “the best thing I bought for the birth!” It was the perfect solution for all of my “back labor” pains, as they constantly massaged me, as well as for rubbing on my tired legs when they ached from the squatting positions during pushing.

The Arnica Massage Oil has also been a great treatment for the muscle aches in postpartum recovery and in massaging a sore clogged milk duct during nursing. My midwives also recommended rubbing some on Enoch’s head for the first few days after birth, to treat his head swelling (from birth) and possible headaches. (He fussed much less, and seemed more relaxed when we used it.)

Over time, I will be sharing more of our natural home medicine kit essentials, but I had to share this one first! It’s one of our favorite remedies.

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8 comments to Natural Medicine Kit Essential: Arnica

  • Anonymous

    Hi there, I have been following your blog now for a while. I love it! You always have really great ideas and I am constantly learning something new. Thank you for the time you put into this. Anyway, I was wondering if the Arnica Pellets really work for headaches. I have severe headaches often and I am tired of taking otc painkillers. We are trying, as a family, to change our eating habits and go more natural, hoping that will help with my headaches, but I am looking for something to ease the pain in the meantime. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Blessings to you and your family.


  • Terra Jones

    Thanks for this info! I know you said "over time" you'd be sharing what all is in your natural medicine kit, I was wondering if you could post everything that was in it, so those of us who are new(er) :) to natural methods could see what all is in there.

    And ditto to Jamie's question 😉

    Thank you so much!


  • Amanda Kaake

    Looks like I'll be needing to get some arnica gel. Thanks so much for posting this!


  • Jenny

    I love arnica oil! My midwife sells her own scented mixtures of it, and it's amazing how quickly we can go through it, especially for massages! My sister is a massage therapist, and she's the one who told me about it. She uses it in her practice.


  • Michele @ Frugal Granola

    I've found that the arnica works for some kinds of headaches, but not others. For example, it has helped my headaches that are due to muscle tension (such as tight neck/shoulder muscles from holding a baby all night), but didn't seem to help a migraine much. However, a stronger dosage of arnica might have been needed? :) A homeopathic friend did give my husband a high dose concentration of the arnica pellets for his sprained ankle.



  • Emily

    I love arnica! Some friends of our tease us about using it constantly, but when they tried it, they discovered it really does work! My favorite remedy for tension headaches is migra stick. It is a little vial of essential oils (lavender and peppermint) that you massage on your forehead and temples. It has really helped my sister and I.


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  • […] (If you can get a partner to massage it for you, even better!) Incorporate an essential oil or an Arnica Oil, if […]

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