Postpartum Comfort: Mama’s Bottom Salve

In preparing some postpartum supplies, I decided to mix up a batch of “Mama’s Bottom Salve.” Hopefully, I won’t be in dire need of this, but I thought I’d be prepared. Since salves can take hours to make, it seemed much easier to have it on hand, than to try and make some while “in need” soon after birthing! :)

Although salves do take awhile to make, the method is rather simple. I used a glass double-boiler to prepare mine on the stovetop. (I found the double-boiler at a garage sale years ago, and it has been wonderful for all my cosmetic/medicinal preparations… as well as that occasional chocolate fondue!) :) Most of the preparation time is spent just letting it simmer on the stove (about 3 hours).

It definitely smells “medicinal” with all those herbs; I don’t think you’ll have anyone trying to eat this sticky green stuff! (If it doesn’t get used for postpartum needs, I’m sure we’ll put it to use for various cuts & scrapes that little ones seem to run into on a regular basis.)
After looking at other natural preparations that are commercially available, I developed my own recipe, and followed the salve-making directions here. This makes a pretty small batch (about 1/4 cup); if you think you’re going to need a big batch, you can double the recipe.

Mama’s Bottom Salve
2 oz. Olive Oil
2 oz. Jojoba Oil
1 Tbl. each (dried herbs):
  • Witch Hazel Leaf
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Calendula Powder
  • Plantain Powder
  • Yarrow
  • Lavender
  • Mint

Simmer for 3 hours in a double boiler. Then let cool until it can be handled. Pour into a cheesecloth or coffee filter in a finely-meshed sieve. Squeeze out as much oil as possible. (You can discard the leftover herbs.) Pour the oil back into the double-boiler, and then add:

2 tsp. Beeswax Pellets
1/2 tsp. Shea Butter (or more, if desired)
1 Vitamin E capsule (prick with a pin, and squeeze the oil into the mixture)
5 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Stir until the beeswax melts. You can test the consistency of the salve by scooping out a small amount with a spoon, and letting it cool at room temperature. For a thicker “ointment” salve, add more beeswax. If it is too firm, you can add more oil to thin it.

I stored the salve in a repurposed glass jar (obtained from a long-ago garage sale; perhaps even the same one where I got the double-boiler!).

This salve has been incredibly helpful. It’s perfect to address irritated areas recovering from stitches/tearing/swelling that often happens during birth.

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