Baby Essentials (or Not): Nursing Cover

My first baby gift after Enoch’s birth has been amazingly helpful; in fact I’ve used it almost everyday. It was a nursing cover lovingly crafted for me from my friend Emily.

She created it out of a splendid pear print fabric, featuring my favorite shade of green. I had requested a similar fabric from this J. Caroline line, when she offered to make me one, but it happened to be sold out. However, I love her choice instead! It goes with me everywhere!

Visit her Nursing Cover blog post to see a glimpse into its creation- along with the fabulous matching gift card! I believe she used the tutorial featured here, if you’d like to make your own.

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1 comment to Baby Essentials (or Not): Nursing Cover

  • emily*

    I had so much fun making it, I'm glad you like it. The fabric was so fun too, I have a few little scraps that I'll have to find something clever to sneak them in to!
    I can't believe I made it through nursing three babies without one of those, I have to admit I'm jealous that I didn't know about them until I was done with that stage. But it thrills me to see all of my friends with new little ones enjoying the usefulness of them so much!



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