Living A Simple Life-Part 71: Enjoying Autumn

I love fall! It is my favorite season of the year. It is exhilarating to feel the cool autumn winds start breezing through the backyard, watching the leaves change color, and tasting the fruits of the season. We enjoyed an evening of the annual swift migration observation with a picnic at the park, during a visit from my family this past week.

We’ve been savoring a box of pears these past few weeks, and I especially love the beautiful color of these organic Red Bartletts! We’ve been munching on the last straggling veggies from our garden and hoping more of our green heirloom tomatoes on the vine will ripen before cool weather really sets in.

I pulled out some warmer blankets from the closet the other night, and lit some candles to enjoy a rainy autumn evening.

What beautiful blessings from God!

What are your favorite simple pleasures about fall? Do you have some favorite autumn family activities? I’d love to hear!

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6 comments to Living A Simple Life-Part 71: Enjoying Autumn

  • heather

    Our fall "thing" is soup. Lots of soup…all kinds. We just had our first serious pot of it today. It's cloudy and dark and cold…but we had our soup. :)


  • Millie

    I had lived in Oregon for the past 20 years. I loved fall (before the rains started). The trees changing, the change from eating salads to eating soups, going to the beach when the air was crisp but not yet cold.
    Now I live in Wyoming. We had snow last night. I must have missed fall.


  • codabelle

    Pumpkin/butternut squash anything – pancakes, muffins, pie, bread, and ravioli (when I could still eat wheat)! Even pumpkin decorations make me exceedingly happy. Almost my entire fall decorating collection is comprised of pumpkins…


  • Tiffany

    Our tomatoes are also still green! I sure hope they ripen. There is a trick to getting them to ripen after you've picked them if you can catch them before they frost. But I have not been successful with it. Mine always mold. I'll let you know if I hear of another way that works for me.


  • Heath Clan

    I love Fall weather. I love bonfires at night. We had a great bonfire/prayer time hosted by some dear folk (I bet you can guess-their last name starts with P and they have a nice farm :) That was awesome. I love walking with the kiddos. I love biking during this season the most as well.

    Yes! Pumpin bread, pie…hmmmmmm….yum.

    It was great to see you Sunday. Thank you for the clothes. Timarie sure needed some long sleeves.


  • first off, let me say what a FINE design you have cteraed!my boy, judah west, was introduced to the world 7 weeks ago. we live right by the mountains and this oh-so-cute creation would suit not only his room (!) but camping comforts as well. we like the one ribbed with yellow.xo


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