Living A Simple Life-Part 74: Enjoying the Farmer’s Market

Now is the season of stocking up on favorite fall produce, and getting ready for winter. We went to the Farmer’s Market this week (which is soon closing for the year), and picked up a cute butternut squash and some end-of-the-season rhubarb. (A hot rhubarb sauce has been a perfect side dish to an autumn meal!)

Our whole family loves going to the Farmer’s Market, wandering past all the tables overflowing with beautiful produce, and supporting/talking with our local farmers. We praise God for the beauty of this season, and the many autumn blessings!

The heirloom tomatoes in our garden were starting to tempt the local slug population, so we decided to pick them all- especially since frost will be arriving soon. I’ve been experimenting with some fun green tomato recipes, and have some bowls full of green tomatoes to start canning this week.

When visiting family a couple weeks ago, I asked my dear mother-in-law what she recommended for green tomatoes, and she suggested a green tomato salsa. Well, Salsa Verde has turned out to be a family favorite on some Mexican-flavored brown rice casseroles.

I know many people have tips and tricks for what to do with green tomatoes- I’d love to hear your suggestions! Mine are taken care of this year, but your suggestions will definitely be a good resource to read.

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4 comments to Living A Simple Life-Part 74: Enjoying the Farmer’s Market

  • The Pyryt Nest

    Hi Michele,
    I have read and heard from others that you can wrap the green tomatoes in paper and store them. When you need them, just pull a few out, unwrap them and let them ripen on the counter. I am going to try it this year since I can't seem to get mine planted early enough to ripen before the frost. I've really been enjoying your blog. Thanks for taking the time to share.


  • Bloggin' Mama

    This year I found a couple of things that have helped me to ripen many more tomatoes than would have otherwise ripened before our first freezes… I did some research on it this year and pulled up my tomatoes (I only planted cherry tomatoes)the day b/4 our first hard freeze, picked everything that was already orange and ripening and chose the 2 plants with the most tomatoes on them and hung them upside down in my garage to continue ripening.

    Then I picked all the other tomatoes on the remaining plants and put them in 2 large mixing bowls on my counter to ripen. I read that leaving the tomatoes all mixed in together and only removing the ripe ones will help the immature ones ripen faster because the ones that have already started the ripening process give off a gas that helps the others ripen.

    These 2 methods have worked awesomely!! I had probably 200+ cherry tomatoes that needed to ripen and have only thrown out approximately 15. The ones on the plants in my garage are ripening just as well as the ones on the counter. Little by little they are ripening and I have had very little waste and very little work involved!


  • alexis

    Hi Michelle! We love green tomatoes–the way we prepare them is by slicing them (slightly thick works best), tossing them with a little cornmeal and flour, panfry them in olive oil and lightly salt before serving. They are delicious this way! We sometimes serve them with horseradish sauce for dipping.


  • The Mangerchine's

    I second the cornmeal coated, fried green tomatoes… serve with a remoulade sauce.



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