Living A Simple Life-Part 75: The Joy of Children

Through this summer and fall (with a 4 week break after Enoch’s birth), I have been babysitting a sweet little toddler boy each morning, with plans to continue through the winter. This past week, when we had a couple plumbers coming through our home for some maintenance, they both expressed shock at “all the little ones” we had in our home, commenting on how “brave” we were for caring for children so close in age.

We just giggled. We love having our home full of little ones! We definitely believe that children are a blessing from God, and love sharing life with them. Yes, caring for little ones is definitely hard work sometimes (especially if someone is teething or woke up on the wrong side of the bed!), but as we rock and cuddle them in our laps, we really feel like this is what we were created to do: to love these little ones.

We have learned how important is to make sure each child gets some one-on-one time. (If they don’t get that much-needed positive attention, they tend to make sure they get some sort of attention; often by doing “no-no”s!). It can get noisy, and the potty/diaper-changing times can often seem endless, but we love hearing that pitter-patter of little feet and those sweet giggles.

Some days are certainly challenging (especially at first), as we’ve adjusted to caring for not two- but three- little ones! But it is good. Each child brings their own unique joy for life to our home, and it is so fun to see them interact with one another, as they learn about the world around them. (Photo by SarahGrace Photography)

It has been fun to see them learn about sharing and caring for others, and patience, as well as meeting new developmental milestones. Gen has learned how to be more of a “helper” as she has gotten older, and loves having tasks to do for the little boys. (As with most preschoolers, sometimes she can be a bit too exuberant in her love and helpfulness, and we have to remind her to “be careful!” to avoid spills, falling, etc.)

We typically have “outside time” for about an hour while Enoch is napping, where the two older ones can play on the swing set, explore the garden, dig in the dirt, pick flowers, find pretty fall leaves, or play chase in the yard. While inside, they usually play with wooden puzzles, toy cars, Legos, teddy bears/dolls, and toy food/dishes.

We try to go to “story time” at the library once or twice a month (two fit nicely in the red wagon, as we walk down the block!), and we regularly bring home stacks of books to read. They all love hearing stories read to them; even Enoch likes to look at the pictures.

We cherish each day with the simple joy of these precious little ones!
“Sons are a heritage from the LORD,
children a reward from him.”
Psalm 127:3
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3 comments to Living A Simple Life-Part 75: The Joy of Children

  • Scarlett

    I am going to add your button to my blog. I have it on my blog list already but I love your posts. My blog is here!


  • Rebecca

    Hi Michele,
    I haven't visited your blog in sometime and I have missed it. Ever since Sam has been born I have not spent much time in Bloggerville. It is good to be back. I love this post. I agree with you…there are tough times. But the joy of children is like nothing else. They are such true blessings and treasures from God. Thank you for such an encouraging post! Give hugs to your family from the Walkers!


  • Brandy

    Hi Michele! Long time reader, but I don't believe I've commented before.

    I loved this post!! You're so right … yeah, there are tough times, but children are a JOY and a BLESSING! The joys and blessings far out-weigh the tough times … and they make the tough times a little easier to get through even.

    Blessings to you and your BEAUTIFUL family!


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