Living A Simple Life-Part 76: Nurturing Marriage

Once we got past the intense “newborn stage” of having a new little one, my Beloved and I set a new goal of having a date night once a month (ironically inspired by a motivating article in Dr. Sears’ Attachment Parenting Book). I don’t know why we hadn’t done this years ago, but we knew we really needed to do this!

It is so easy to become overly busy; whether it is from the kindheartedness of an inability to say “no” to too many obligations, or going to and fro to attend various “obligations” (even church-related ones!). Such busyness can really encroach upon a marriage.

We have learned over the years how important it is to cultivate the “best friend-ness” of our marriage. We love being together; why should this person whom we have a covenant to spend the rest of our life with, take a low priority on our “to-do” list for the week?

Our weekly date nights are frugal, of course, but absolutely priceless. We love being home together (we can really be such hermits, sometimes!) 😉 and love taking the time to engage in conversation. Once the little ones are in bed (we try for early bedtimes on those evenings), we can dream and think deeply together. Over the past weeks, it has been so nice to discuss dreams and plans for the future, as well as reminisce over the past.

Our date nights at home have included a candlelit homemade dinner, juicing apples for homemade spiced cider, watching the Fireproof movie borrowed from the library, and a game of Scrabble with stove-popped popcorn, for example.

“So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”

Matthew 19:6

Our marriage is a precious gift from God. We are so thankful for the work He has done in sustaining it, and we want to glorify Him by being good stewards of our relationship with each other. Simple, but challenging.

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6 comments to Living A Simple Life-Part 76: Nurturing Marriage

  • alexis

    Michelle: that is a really sweet post! My husband and I are doing once a week date nights right now, and we love the intimacy and bonding. It's going to be on hold for a bit after I give birth later this month, but i am sure we'll pick up where we left off in a few months. Hope everything is going well with you and your family.


  • Brandy

    My husband and I have a date night whenever he's off work (twice a week — though, sometimes only once). We usually pop some popcorn and watch a movie now that we have Netflix, but we're also known to do nothing but sit and talk. I LOVE these nights and look forward to them SO MUCH. During the day, we're so focused on our two children, homeschooling, whatnot … that it's nice to have US time. We, too, try for earlier bedtimes on those nights — doesn't always work with a nursing 13mo old, but we try lol


  • Melanie

    Wonderful. My husband and I started date night 2 years ago. We had signed up for a money management class 1 night a week and realized that we didn't have any other time during the week to discuss what we were learning. We found a restaurant open late that let us split a dessert and sit and talk. Now long after the class is over Thursday night has become the most important night of the week for catching up, talking about the budget and dreaming the dreams of our lives.

    We are lucky enough to have a son old enough to babysit but otherwise love your idea to have a date at home after the kids go to bed. When our little one was younger we would often go out after we put her to bed so Jake wouldn't have that responsibility.

    What are your secrets to disengaging from all the responsibilities around the house to focus on each other?


  • Michele @ Frugal Granola

    Turn off the lights. 😉 You can't see the dirty dishes, dust, or baby toys when you're chatting by a candlelight. :)

    Also, I make it a priority to bless my husband by making an extra effort to prepare our home for a restful date atmosphere before he comes home from work on those evenings.



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