Living A Simple Life-Part 77: A Rainy Day

We are entering the beautiful rainy season (yes, I really mean that!), and it has been fun to see how Gen has amused herself now that the weather has changed.

Calvin and I giggled as we watched through the kitchen window while preparing lunch, spying on her playing on the back porch the other day. She was decked out in her red rainboots and raincoat, seemingly impervious to the rain at first.

She watched a dishwashing basin (left from camping) fill with the pouring rain, and then decided to jump into it! Upon discovering that her knit tights were wet, she struggled to peel them off, and then wiggled her cute little toes in the rain, ready for more playtime. (I stopped her before she kept going, and took the dress off, too!)

We’ve been taking regular trips to the library (she is so much fun to go with!), and we recently discovered the Mr. Putter series. (A friend gave one of the books to Gen when Enoch was born, and we’ve giggled at the irony in this amusing series these past weeks.) These books have been a great “stretching” read for her, as there are some new words and concepts for her, but still enjoyable and understandable. (These are in the “early reader” section, marked for ages 4-6, but she is almost 3 and enjoying them.)

We’ve kept warm with “tea parties” with warm milk (with a dash of vanilla) or cups of herbal tea (she calls anything warm in a mug “tea.”) We all have added more blankets to our beds, and Gen is fascinated with her own “new blankets.” (I recently transitioned her from a pile of baby blankets, to a made bed of “real bedding” that I purchased at a 50% off sale at the thrift store during Memorial Day this year.) She is especially thrilled with a granny-squares multi-colored afghan that I topped her bed with.

I have stashed away some art supplies for rainy days, and we pulled out some paints last week for a fall art project. We used brushes and sponge brushes along with red, yellow, brown, and orange paints to create seasonal pictures of trees with fall leaves, inspired by this FamilyFun Foliage project.

It’s definitely a season of some simple joys!

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