Living A Simple Life-Part 79: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

As a family, we’re keeping things simple this year, and staying home. We have so often traveled for Thanksgiving, and we’re looking forward to a restful time at home this season. (Especially since traveling with a new baby can be additionally challenging.)

We will miss seeing family this time, but are looking forward to sharing the day with a dear friend in our home. Calvin has to work on Thanksgiving Day (hmm… I wonder what kind of ambulance calls he will get today?), so we will actually be celebrating on Sunday (as you can see from my meal plan).

Calvin and I have been talking about how to set a biblical example of Thanksgiving for our children during this holiday. We have been focusing on teaching Gen about gratitude and contentment (using shopping trips and storytimes to talk about wants vs. needs, etc.).

Throughout the Bible, we read of God’s people celebrating with feasts, as well as an important illustration of gratitude from the thankful healed leper. We have been speaking to Gen of thinking of things that we are thankful for, and how God has blessed us.

Since we are going to celebrate with a day of “feasting,” I have been preparing to make all of our favorite holiday dishes. Also, it is nice to know that since it is all made it my kitchen, everything is gluten-free! (When we travel for Thanksgiving, I usually end up packing my own plate of food for family dinners.) Eating a holiday dinner at home makes things a bit simpler for me during this busy season of juggling naptimes, nursing sessions, and diaper changes.

I’m also looking forward to the leftovers! As a nursing mama of a big baby boy, I’m constantly munching on something to keep up my calories. (I lost my “baby weight” within the first couple weeks postpartum, so I have to make a conscious effort to snack regularly.) This is the perfect opportunity to have some things prepared ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator/freezer for future meals/snacks. This keeps things simple as we head into preparations for Christmas, too (making a double batch of cranberry sauce, for example).

We thank God for all that He has given us this year, and for how He has lovingly guided us through the days. Many blessings to you on this day!

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