Living A Simple Life-Part 80: Three Years

Wow, my sweet girl, you are three-years-old! How has time passed so fast? It seems just yesterday that I wrote you a birthday letter for your second birthday!

I have been so amazed to watch you grow these past months, as I see you gaining so many skills. You have an incredible imagination, and I love hearing the stories you tell me! I also love hearing you tell Bible stories to your little brother. You’re right, sweetie; everyone does need to know! :)

I have such dear times with you, as we explore the fabric store together, read stories, sip tea, and pick flowers. You are also my match in stubbornness; God is definitely using you in refining me, dear girl! :)

As your daddy and I watched you play in the golden sunlight today, we mulled over what a gift you are. You are such a joy. I’m choosing to simply enjoy you today, little one. I love being your mama (and amazed that you’ve already switched to calling me “Mom”.)

Happy Birthday, Gen!

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