Living A Simple Life-Part 81: A Dream & An Answer

As God has shaped and molded our family over the years, He has impressed upon our hearts of the importance of family. We’ve spent the past few years transitioning from a very “independent” lifestyle, to a new set of values. Over and over again, we’ve discussed our dream of allowing our children to know their grandparents, and carried a hope that they will have the blessing of growing up with the blessings of family.

After much prayer, we were blessed with an answer! An opportunity has appeared for us to finally move into the same town as Calvin’s family, just near the church and good friends. We wrestled in prayer for a bit, wanting to discern that this really was God’s perfect timing for such a transition in our lives, and we are continuing to trust God to handle the details.

We aren’t going to be delving into homesteading at this point, but are hoping for a season of simply nurturing our family. Calvin is working on pursing a dream of attending paramedic school this next year (near my family!), so this is hopefully a “sabbatical” type of season for us, before an intense school year. (But we’ll see what God has for us in the future!) :)

We signed the rental agreement on the home this week, and Calvin is working with his employer on getting licensed for a potential “transfer” to this new state of residence. We’re hoping to move gradually over the month of December, and get settled in by the beginning of January.

These past couple years have been an incredible blessing of learning and ministering. We’ve learned so much about living simply and frugally, and hope to put those lessons to use in a new way, as we move to a rural community. We also had the joy of ministering to friends here, as they encountered infertility, adoption, homeschooling, and other life seasons. We’re excited to see how God may use us in our new home.

So, dear friends, it’s a new adventure for us! :)

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7 comments to Living A Simple Life-Part 81: A Dream & An Answer

  • Donielle

    What a wonderful answer to prayer! Can you send me your new address? (donielle at have something to send your way. :-)


  • Amy @ Finer Things

    So very exciting, Michele! We live 50 minutes from my parents and 35 minutes from Lance's parents. Such a blessing. :)


  • Blessings

    Hello Michelle,
    I haven't commented in awhile, but always enjoy your postings.
    I would like to say Blessings to you and yours on following God, your heart and your dreams!
    I can't wait for future postings on your new sustainable life!


  • Marianna

    Many blessings to your and your family. Being near to family is a joy beyond measure. About a year and half ago we made a move from the Midwest back to my home state of Texas. It truly has been a blessing to have the kids be able to spend extended periods of time with grandparents and great-grandparents, and to have them know their cousins.

    Best of luck as you make your move and embark on this new adventure.


  • Sarah

    your moving! what excitement! i'll be bummed that you guys aren't going to be close by anymore.


  • Tara

    We did the same thing about 2 years ago. Had a little homestead starting up where we were, but missed family that was 6 hours away. So we packed up and headed home, even though it meant leaving behind that "homestead" dream.

    Now as we are about to move into a new rental with even less "self-sufficient" type freedoms than what we have in our current place, I remember that God takes us through seasons. Although I truly desire to be a full-on homesteader, at this point it doesn't work with my husbands vision of becoming self-emplyed.

    So anyway, all that to say that I completely understand what you are talking about. Bless you for blessing your husbands vision and desiring your children to know their grandparents and family.


  • Sarah

    That's just not fair Michele, I'm now SO CURIOUS about where you are going! :) Just teasing . . .

    How exciting and what an answer to prayer! You'll have to send me your new address when you get settled down. You and your family will be in my prayers!



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