Living A Simple Life-Part 82: Preschool Fun

We’re in the midst of moving right now, but I just wanted to quickly share with you one of our favorite recent finds at the library!

Gen and I are really enjoying the The GIANT Encyclopedia of Preschool Activities for 3-Year Olds lately. I had borrowed it from the library earlier this year, and checked it out again a few weeks ago. It covers a wide range of topics and has a wide assortment of ideas and activities for little ones.

This has been a great resource on those stormy days, when she starts getting antsy inside the house. For Thanksgiving, we used one of the ideas in the book to create a “Thankful Book.” Using construction paper stapled together, we made the pages of the book. On each page, she named something/someone that she is thankful for (I did the writing), and then glued a picture. We cut out pictures from old magazines and photos to decorate the book.

She loves it, and is constantly carrying it around to tell us her “story!” We spent a couple days working on it, and it was a wonderful opportunity to teach her about thankfulness.

I have really appreciated the many simple ideas in the book that haven’t called for lots of extra supplies. With various suggestions for each topic, I am able to find something to do with limited supplies on hand.

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6 comments to Living A Simple Life-Part 82: Preschool Fun

  • emily*

    I love those books. We have most recently been exploring the Giant encyclopedia of math activities. Have fun with it!!


  • Marmee's Pantry

    You're doing such a great job! After 16 yrs of homeschooling, we graduated our 'baby' in June. Of course, I'm missing it far more that they ever will. :-) Treasure the days…I can't believe how quickly they passed.

    Blessings from Ohio, Kim W


  • Stefan, Sarah and Lukka

    I love those books, we have the "art" edition and thena nother similar one (although not in that series) that is daily activities for 3-6 year olds. Come to think of it, tha twould be a great New Years resolution–to pull out one of those activities every day!
    Sarah M
    good luck with your move!


  • Brown Thumb Mama

    Ooooh, thanks for letting us know about this book! I just requested the science one from the library since Jackjack is on a science kick these days. Can't wait for it to come in!


  • Anonymous



  • Lori at The Davidson Den

    Oooh, thanks for the tip! I've not seen this book before, but I'm definitely going to check my library.


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