Living A Simple Life-Part 83: Christmas Joys

This Christmas season has been such a joy to share with our little ones! The simple pleasures of going around the neighborhood looking a lights, smelling the tree, admiring the sparkling decorations, savoring Christmas cookies, and preparing gifts for family and friends are that much richer when shared.

I love to see their awe of experiencing these treasures! Calvin brought home a nostalgic set of “retro-style” colored lights for our tree, after I was reminiscing of my Christmas memories as a three-year-old, just so I could share the fun with my own dear three-year-old girl.

I’ve been busily sewing gifts in any spare moment, often wearing Enoch in my baby carrier, walking him as I stitch by hand. Or, stitching curled up in the quilts in Gen’s bed (stopping occasionally to do the hand motions for Wee Sing Bible Songs!).

With the generous help of family and friends, we’ve moved most of our furniture into our new home already. So we’re kind of “camped out” amid boxes, listening to Christmas carols on the laptop, and preparing to celebrate here before we move in January.

We had a treasured time with some dear friends the other day, as they stopped by to share the morning with us. It was so nice to “catch up” before having to say good-bye. We shared a pot of tea as I prepared a batch of “allergen-free” molasses Christmas cookies to share. They helped us get started putting up the Christmas tree (thankfully providing us with a tree stand!), and cuddled with our little ones. Ah, the blessing of friendship is so sweet. Parting with friends is the most difficult part of moving, even though we have excitement for the days to come.

Gen is thrilled to participate in our Advent readings this year, as she is understanding much more than last year. She loves to carry the “Advent book” around our home, telling us the “story” and proclaiming the joy of Jesus’ birth. (She also shares many Christmas carols of her own invention with us, usually containing many “Hallelujahs!”) :) Oh, I cherish this time with her.

Merry Christmas to you, dear friends!

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1 comment to Living A Simple Life-Part 83: Christmas Joys

  • Blessings

    The children have grown so much and look content and Happy! How Adorable!
    Wishing You & Yours a
    Merry Christmas & a Prosperous New Year!


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