Seven Years

Happy Anniversary, my Beloved!
As I look across the room at you, with baby spit-up dripping down your elbow, wrangling hair pretties on a giggling preschooler (who is insisting on being called “Fink the Pig” today), I love you more than ever. I know it’s not a candlelit dinner, and we can’t “get away” this year (as we’re surrounded by moving boxes), but you are my Romance. It is a joy to tell our story to our children (with the amusement of explaining what a “honeymoon” is to a three-year-old over lunch!)

Thank you for holding me in your arms- whether it’s a brief moment in between changing little diapers, or a cuddle at 2 am, as we juggle a needy little one. Thank you for walking alongside me during this season, the years past, and the years to come.

Photo by Sarah Grace Photography.

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