Simple Homemade Gifts: Baby Doll Accessories

Now that my sweet girl’s third birthday has passed, I’m going to be sharing some of my sewing projects, as promised. This first post is to share her birthday gifts with you!

Since I gave birth to her little brother this summer, her “mommy instincts” have really emerged. She loves being my little helper (and imitator!). I often spy her pretending to nurse her baby doll or carry it in a make-shift sling (using fabric scraps).

I love her ingenuity and creativity at making do and pretending with what she has on hand, but I decided to give her some special gifts to encourage her feminine “mommy-ness”. She has a doll given to her by Nana years ago that is much-loved. (So loved, that I have chosen not to replace it with a more “eco-friendly version,” even though it is plastic. She has a cloth doll, too, but it is usually ignored.) When Nana was visiting this summer, she measured the doll to make some clothes, while I prepared for my own projects.

Over the summer, we picked up some great scrap material at a local thrift store, and I found a bin full of upholstery fabric sample books and scraps. I dug out a couple pieces of what seemed like a nylon-type material (like a windbreaker jacket). I already had a bundle of flannel fabric from a previous shopping trip there.

Using the doll and her one (worn-out!) diaper, I used the nylon fabric, plus the flannel to sew her a couple cloth diapers. I used flannel for the inside, and the nylon for the outside, to imitate the look/feel of real AIO cloth diapers (which Gen is familiar with). I used tiny baby elastic for the back and the legs for a stretchy fit, and velcro tabs on the front. (This baby “needs” diaper changes very often, so it’s good to have an extra!) :)

I also decided to sew her a sling for carrying her baby doll. I was all ready to sew, when I happened across some sewing instructions in (my new favorite book!) Handmade Home. (I borrowed the book from the library.) The sewing instructions made the task incredibly simple, and I was able to complete it while my Beloved did me a favor and warmed up some dinner for us.

I repurposed some sturdy red fabric (once a tablecloth, then a window valence, now in the scrap bin!), which you may recognize from my bedside storage caddy project, as well. It is a “pocket sling”, so there aren’t any rings, fasteners, etc. for her to get confused with.

These gifts were fairly easy quick to complete, and brought joy to my little girl’s day! :) I hope to share more of my gift-sewing projects with you throughout the month, as I prepare for Christmas.

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6 comments to Simple Homemade Gifts: Baby Doll Accessories

  • Stefan, Sarah and Lukka

    I love your two gifts! Funny, because I've also been making my little dude these things (well, haven't madethe diapers yet, but he pattern is saved and the fabric chosen from the stash!) but he Loves his "puppy back pack" which is a simple version of the Mei Tei carrier I use to carry his little sister in! :)
    Aren't they so sweet at this imitation age?
    Sarah M


  • Deb

    I love the sling! Very creative!


  • Heath Clan

    Argh! I feel awful! I missed your sweetie-face's birthday. I am behind and I didn't get it done. I knew it was coming and blew it. I am glad that she had such a special day and that she has such a special family. God's blessings on you all.


  • Mrs. Fuzzy

    Great ideas! We're having two little girls to visit and we've decided on a whim to give them an early Christmas… they'll have never had it in winter before as they're from New Zealand! Thanks for the ideas.


  • Anonymous

    These are so cute I remember when I was little my oldest sister use to make clothes for my Barbie dolls..but these are great gift ideas!



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