Simple Homemade Gifts: Family Heart

I’m getting this post up a bit later in the day that I usually do, since I’ve been busy celebrating my birthday today! After breakfast in bed, I was given plenty of time to happily sew away at Christmas presents! Then we had a lovely lunch together as a family. (Now I’ve been given some quiet blogging time at the library, before returning home to a hot dinner and homemade milkshakes!) Anyway… back to those homemade Christmas gifts…

As I was reading in Amanda Blake Soule’s new book, Handmade Home, recently, I was inspired by her Family Heart Project tutorial. It is a small stuffed heart “pillow” to accompany a family member as they leave the home, as a reminder of the family’s love for them while they’re gone.

I had heard that my youngest sister was attempting her first sleepover at a friend’s house, and immediately thought of her when I saw this project! I immediate got to work stitching one up for her as a Christmas gift.

I used some scrap fabrics that coordinated with her bedroom decor of pale blues. The pocket of the heart is from the collar of an old purple sweater. (The paisley fabric was a scrap left from creating this purse for my Etsy shop, and the purple sweater is also a remnant from a set of legwarmers from my Etsy shop. If you’ve browsed through, you may have recognized these fabrics!)

Gen had so much fun helping me create this gift for her auntie! She helped stuff batting into the heart, and savored the smell of lavender as I poured it in. (Lavender has always been a favorite smell of both mine and sister’s.) Then she “practiced sewing” with some Sewing Cards while I embroidered.

The batting actually appeared rather serendipitously; Calvin found it on the street in the middle of an industrial district while driving an ambulance in the wee hours of the morning. He hopped out, and picked it up! It was sure amusing when he arrived home with that bag of batting!

I used a small piece of pale blue linen scrap fabric to create the “love note” to stuff into the pocket. I used a lavender-colored embroidery floss to freehand stitch “I love you.” (I used four layers of the fabric, with a “turned and stitched” method, so that it would be sturdy enough to be easily taken in and out of the pocket often.) I purchased the embroidery floss at a local thrift store for a few cents.

I packaged it up, and sent it off in the mail! (Another bonus of this gift; it’s lightweight, and not fragile! Perfect for a long-distance gift!)

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