Frugal Finds: Library Sales

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you probably know that I love books! I love browsing used bookstores and thrift stores for old books, often finding vintage favorites that are out-of-print, at inexpensive prices. It is a thrill to find a treasured tome to share with my children someday, to possibly incorporate into a rainy day reading time or homeschool activity. There is a specialness about used books to me; they contain a unique history all their own!

This year’s Christmas shopping gave me a chance to do some book browsing. (I make exceptions from my “handmade Christmas” for reading material!) :) I’ve been meaning to visit our local library system’s bookstore for years, and we finally took a family trip there one day. We arrived as soon as the doors opened, full of excitement and five dollars in my pocket.

We browsed for quite some time, enjoying the variety of materials available. (We also had fun listening to the classical music playing in the background; Gen recognized a song or two as “ballet music!” ) Now that Gen has moved from “baby board books” to more of the “real page” children’s books in the past year, I wanted to update her book basket this Christmas.

With our five dollars, I was able to purchase a bag full of books that day. A couple of our favorite finds wereThe Poky Little Puppy for Enoch, and an older large “encyclopedia” book of animals (with full page photos!) for Gen. They both were pleased with their books, and have enjoyed plenty of reading time since Christmas. I also discovered a small Tasha Tudor book (for 75 cents) to tuck away for the future. (I’ve always loved her work, and with her passing a couple years ago, there is always poignant nostalgia when finding a book with her name on it!)

Gen’s encyclopedia will serve her well for years to come. As she learns to read, it will provide more learning opportunities. For now, it is exciting amusement on these gray winter days, as she discovers “new” animals, and adds to her creative, imaginative activities of her day.

I realize some people may not be excited to receive a used book (especially ones still containing the library labels!), but they are precious finds in our family! I especially enjoy purchasing old library books (or school books), as they typically contain a “library binding,” making them sturdier that commercially-available books. At “thrifted prices,” this is a wise purchase for our little ones, as they can “love a book to death” very easily! :)

This bookstore contained items from all the surrounding libraries. Other library systems will often have annual book sales or used bookstores contained within individual libraries, so check to see what might be available near you. (Visiting out-of-town library book sales is also a fun family vacation activity for book-lovers in our family!)

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7 comments to Frugal Finds: Library Sales

  • autumnesf

    People that don't appreciate a good used book are just weird. There. I said it. LOL!


  • Lori at The Davidson Den

    Neat. Thanks for the Tasha Tudor tip. I'd never heard of her!


  • Anonymous

    Oh my…I LOVE…LOVE used books. I can read books over and over again (my family think I'm strange this way) and my kids are getting into their favorite books. They both love going to the thrift store or the library "to buy" shelf to see if they can get anything for pennies! Little Thrift lovers in the making!


  • Heath Clan

    Come visit the Mt. View Library bookstore. First and third Sat. are the best as one really great lady that is EASILY talked into smaller price tags on the books works on those Saturdays :) She is especially giving to children. Especially cute children :)


  • Anonymous

    When my kids were very small,since they are also very close in age, I use to buy used books for them all the time because I was never sure if anyone of them would go through the tearing stage. I was glad none of my kids did this, but I do know others that went through this with their kids.



  • Joy

    Oh I love books, new old used any type of books. I love finding great books at thrift prices too!
    Right before we started school this fall I visited a used bookstore in a big city about 60-75 miles from my small town and found an amazing amount of books on our book list for .75 to 1.00!
    So glad you found some good deals!

    Just wanted to let you know I really do enjoy reading your blog. I have just recently found you and am enjoying reading your simple living and whole food recipes.. I am getting my house into that same order and you give me inspiration!
    So nice to "meet" you!
    I hope you have a blessed day!


  • Fruitful Harvest

    I too am a book hound~
    I just got 8 new books for my kiddos at MOPS off the free table!
    I also got 3 free books at the La Leche League meeting! (They will be in my library when I become a LLL leader!)

    I now need to save up for more book cases~



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