A New Season

God has done an amazing transformative work upon our hearts and lives these past three months in our new community (especially during this intense prayerful fasting time of Lent). We feel as though His hand literally whisked us up here, and placed us in motion. As we desire to be a vessel for His Spirit, we have been awed by His work.

After much prayer, we feel confident that we are exactly where our Lord wants us to be. We are no longer preparing to head to Alaska for (Calvin’s) plan of paramedic school later this year. We are settling in, putting in deep roots in life and ministry here, and drawing our family in together.

As we dream and refocus together, new dreams are becoming clear. I look forward to sharing more with you in the days to come, but for now, we are keeping our dreams within a season of prayer before putting them on the internet! :) (You are welcome to join us in prayer during this time.)

After about a year, we have now re-entered the era of having internet in our home. In our rural community, having a “landline” phone/internet account has turned out to be more affordable/practical than a cell phone. (For the past year, we have scheduled “internet times” into our week, and taken our laptop to local wi-fi spots (usually the public library). This lifestyle was helpful in breaking the distraction of constant internet access, as well as affordable for our budget, and I am so thankful for that time of developing new habits.

I have a list of blog post topics waiting to share with you, and now that getting online will be a bit easier for me, I hope to get back into regularly blogging. It will likely be less often than in the past, as I have filled my days with some new projects and people in this new season.

I began this blog while living in an “isolated” time in our family’s life, with only one child, and needing much rest due to an auto-immune disorder (celiac). Blogging was a great way for me to interact with other women who mentored me in healthy, biblical womanhood as well as forming an online journal for our family. It eventually developed into a place where I could encourage others (thank you to those who have written to let me know you’ve felt ministered to through this blog!).

I truly appreciate those of you who have made purchases through my Etsy shop and Amazon links. The majority of my profits are invested in providing clean water internationally through Advent Conspiracy efforts, as well as purchasing books for ministering to women locally, and blessing those whom God lays upon my heart.

Our family has been rediscovering what it means to have restful Sabbath days, as we had gradually lost that perspective. (If you are interested in exploring this topic, Dr. Dobson has a good succinct discussion of it in his book 7 Solutions for Burned-Out Parents.) One restful activity we’ve enjoyed together is spending time outdoors, enjoying God’s creation. On a recent hike, we went up toward the direction of an old fishing spot Calvin had enjoyed as a teenager. (With two little ones in tow, we didn’t make it quite that far, but we thoroughly enjoyed our picnic amid the fresh mountain air.)

Calvin began his new job at the local lumber mill today, within minutes of our home. We are thankful that he was hired for three (long) day shifts, while allowing the rest of the week free for his other pursuits of family and ministry.

Our little ones are growing so quickly! Gen has loved having family close by for special times alone with grandparents, exploring the woods, baking cookies, and playing fetch with the dogs. Enoch is 7-months-old now, and already wearing 12-month size clothes! He discovered solid food recently, with his favorites being avocado and homemade applesauce. He is sitting up well, and exploring the house by scooting backward and rolling around. They love to giggle and snuggle together! Enoch is now able to stay awake more evenings to share in our family worship times in the evening (but still usually sleeps through our morning breakfast devotions), and he loves looking at the pictures in the children’s Bible along with Gen.

Calvin and I have been rediscovering our “courtship,” and enjoying favorite activities together such as reading aloud in the evenings, snuggled in a quilt while the little ones are asleep, thrift store shopping, walking down to the creek on a sunny day, and sharing big cups of tea and books at a coffee shop.

Our garden spot is now dug and ready, and we’re eagerly awaiting the days of planting. We placed one order for seeds from our co-op, in our eagerness last month, and will likely be placing an order for plant starts in the coming month.

I am in the process of making hospitality preparations for out-of-town guests that will be arriving throughout the month of April, and excited to celebrate Easter! I pray that your home will be filled with the ache of grace in remembering the crucifixion, and the celebration of joy in the Resurrection of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ over the coming week.

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8 comments to A New Season

  • Amy Lynne

    I am so glad you are enjoying your time together. Time to just be around each other is such a precious commodity! I will keep your family in my thoughts as you embark on your dreams! Happy Easter to you all!


  • Deb

    Welcome back to the blog world! I love the picture of your three favorite people hiking.


  • Jennifer

    I am so glad you are back Michele! I have missed your encouragement in Godly, simple living, although I completely understand why you took a break :-)

    I am especially excited to hear about what you are doing with Enoch right now because our first baby is due in September! I love your take on simple and natural childbirth and child raising.

    God bless you and your family!



  • emily*


    I am so glad to hear how things are for you, I am thinking of you often and it is wonderful to be able to know how things are shaping out in your lives. I'm so excited for you guys as your new plans and dreams begin to take shape. Though as I am reading this I am struck by just how much I miss you all. Ah, but God's plan and grace are great.

    Much Love to you my wonderful friends,



  • Jennifer

    I look forward to your posts and am glad you are doing well!


  • Anonymous

    Hi, wow look how much your kids have grown. Especially the little one. What beautiful blessings. Hope you have a great Easter!



  • Hery

    good, i like it


  • Hery

    good, i like it


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