Gardening Joy: A Giveaway!

Look what came in the mail! An amazing assortment of seeds from Hometown Seeds… little packets of potential just waiting to be planted.

Hometown Seeds is offering a Variety Pack (worth $19.80 + shipping) of their most popular varieties in a giveaway to a Frugal Granola reader!  The variety pack happens to include some of my favorites. (Shasta daisy brings back memories of living in Alaska, and the Yellow Pear Tomato and Snapdragons were childhood joys.)  The purple carrots look perfect for a fun surprise in a child’s garden, too!

When browsing the options available at Hometown Seeds, I was impressed with their commitment to not sell GMO seeds, as well as offering a few heirloom varieties (both passions of mine).

Calvin and I also found their Planting Schedule/Zone Resources helpful (located on the left sidebar of their site), as we have begun to plant our own garden with some “new to us” varieties.

I love encouraging others to grow their own food (and flowers!). It is one of the best ways to frugally balance your grocery budget, provide optimum nutrition for your family, bless others with your harvest, and be good stewards of God’s creation. (We dug up part of our front lawn to put in our garden spot! Who needs grass, when you can grow your own food?) :)

Hop on over to browse the selection at Hometown Seeds, and leave a comment on this blog post letting us know what your favorite item is in their selection!  If you’re feeling especially inspired to get started on your gardening, go ahead and order your favorites while you’re browsing; they ship very quickly!

For an extra entry (each) do any/all of the following:

Leave an extra comment for each extra item you do, so that it can be counted. The winner will be announced on Wednesday, April 28th. Please note, it may take a minute for your comment to show up!


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