Homemade Dress-Up Clothes (Part 2: Princess/Bridal Hat)

An “essential” in a little girl’s costume/”dress-up” wardrobe would be a hat with a veil.

You can choose a variety of fabrics to make either a princess hat and/or a bridal veil.

As Part 2 in my Homemade Dress-Up Clothes series, I will show you how to create a simple hat. 

During our “mommy date” to the fabric store, Gen discovered some elaborately-patterned fabrics in shimmery colors and a satiny texture. She announced that it was “princess fabric!”

Thankfully, it was on the clearance rack, so I was able to purchase enough to make a couple of the items on my list. The first item I made with the fabric is a princess hat (although she does pretend that it is also a bridal veil, as well).

I also used some of the leftover crinoline (seen in last week’s post on butterfly/fairy wings). The stiffness of the crinoline will help the hat to “stand up” on your child’s head. 

  • I drew out a pattern on heavy paper for the cone-shaped hat. (You can do this easily by rolling a piece of paper into the appropriately-sized cone (measuring it to your child’s head), trimming it to size, then unrolling it.) 
  • Pin the pattern to your selected fabric and crinoline, and making sure to allow for seam allowances, cut out the fabric and crinoline. Sew the crinoline to the wrong side of the fabric. Then, stitch a hem around the entire piece, so that you no longer have any raw edges.
  • Then, add a length of tulle for the veil. I had some in my scrap box leftover from a wedding years ago, but you can purchase it inexpensively at fabric stores by the yard. (It typically goes on sale this time of year for prom/bridal projects.) 
  • Cut an appropriate length (probably enough to reach from the top of the hat down to the middle of the child’s back). “Bunch up” one end of the tulle, and securely stitch it to the narrow “cone” end of your fabric piece (on the wrong side of your fabric).
  • Then, roll the fabric into a cone wrong-side out, and careful to keep the tulle inside the cone, sew up the side seam of the fabric. When you get to the narrower (top) end of the cone, you will probably need to take it off your sewing machine and whipstitch the remainder of the seam by hand.
  • Take a length of elastic and measure out an appropriate length, so that it fits comfortably under the child’s chin. (You could also use ribbon, if your child knows how to tie a bow.) Securely stitch the ends of the elastic to the edge of the hat, and you’re done! 

Stop by next week for Part 3 to see the next item in our dress-up costume bin! 

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