Living A Simple Life-Part 85: Springtime Joys

This week our family has enjoyed a small taste of springtime. Although the weather is still chilly, we can see spring peeking around the corner. (That reminds me of Frog and Toad…)

Flowering buds are on trees outside our large living room window, and the days are filled with birdsong. Nana was visiting this week, and she blessed us by tending to the rhubarb plant in our backyard while Gen played on her swingset.

We enjoyed this year’s first taste of fresh springtime rhubarb with our supper. What a special gift from our Lord, to bless us with a rhubarb plant at our rental home, so that we didn’t have to plant one and wait for it to grow!

Some sweet friends stopped by for a Sunday afternoon visit, and some of the children lent a hand with our early gardening tasks. (Thanks!) They put the rake, push mower, and shovels to good use, and helped get the spring pea seeds in the ground.

Calvin mixed up a batch of our Homemade Natural Fertilizer using nettles to have ready for our gardening, while I’ve been washing lots of muddy laundry lately. (It is so fun to see my little girl’s genuine childhood joy of splashing in mud puddles!) 

I have a small vase of wildflowers/”weeds” sitting on the counter by my kitchen sink, which brings a smile each time I wash the dishes. The sweet little bouquet was given to me by a little friend on my walk home from church. What a delightful surprise!

What springtime joys have you been enjoying lately? Leave a comment and let me know. I’d love to hear! 

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