Living A Simple Life- Partnership (#87)

May I tell you how much I appreciate you?

Thank you, friends, for reading. Some of you have been reading Frugal Granola since I started writing it in early 2008. Many others of you have just recently subscribed.

You have faithfully left comments, e-mailed your questions, and even wrestled in prayer for me on occasion. You rejoiced at the birth of our son, the milestones of our daughter, and encouraged us during challenging circumstances. You patiently waited when I was slow to return your e-mails (feel free to “bug” me, if you need to!). “Miraculously,” God kept this blog going, even when I didn’t have internet access at home for a year.

I am amazed at the community God has developed here because of you.  I have especially enjoyed getting to know many of you better recently through Facebook and Twitter. (Since I’m just starting out there, I’d love for you to suggest my page on Facebook to your friends, if you haven’t already!)

Thank you for all the times you have referred a friend to Frugal Granola. I recently received an e-mail which sent me to my knees in praise to our Lord; a baby’s life was saved due to information here!  (Check out my Coconut Water post here, which helped provide information to heal this very sick little one.) I say this not to boast, but to rejoice with you! 

Other women have written to say they have rekindled their relationship with Christ because of encouragement through this site. (Isn’t that the best news in the world, to know that someone else knows Jesus?) I have received letters from women pouring out their dreams and griefs, thanking me for the encouragement and prayers, as God has ministered to their hearts. Mothers seeking resources to naturally nourish their families’ health have contacted me in appreciation for equipping them. Let’s celebrate, friends. 

Each time I sit down to write, I pray and ask for wisdom, asking God to minister to you and bless you as you read. You patiently waited for me during my “sabbatical” time off from blogging as our family relocated out-of-state to a rural community (near family). During that time, we spent much time in prayer and fasting, seeking God’s will in our new life situation; including this blog.

Joyfully, God pieced together in my heart the framework of a local women’s ministry (through our local rural church family) during this time. I have spent many years “informally” walking alongside women in discipleship and ministry during challenging seasons in their life, so this is just a further step. After much prayer, I presented this ministry dream to my church family, and I am humbled by how God has blessed it already.

Thank you to those of you who have made purchases from my affiliates and/or from my Etsy shop. Through you, God has been providing the necessary funds to purchase ministry materials for women, as well as supporting Living Water International these past couple of years.

Thank you for giving “a cup of water in Jesus’ name” to women and children around the world, just as Jesus offered water to Hagar and the Samaritan woman. I deeply appreciate your partnership with me in this ministry. 

It is my hope to continue writing this blog, providing resources for so many of life’s needs, as I have done for the past couple of years, but now with renewed purpose, as an outpouring of what God has done in my life.

My time away from writing earlier this year was a growing, stretching, renewing time. We were blessed to receive the book Is God Calling Me? and Calvin & I read it through together. It was definitely helpful during this season of evaluation.

We still don’t know all the details of what God has in store for us, obviously, but are excited for the future. Calvin has been considering the possibility of attending seminary next year, and I am planning on attending The Relevant Conference this fall for further equipping.

I am in the process of developing a new website “home” for Frugal Granola that will hopefully be easier for you to read and navigate; one where you will enjoy being part of a community as well as more convenient to share information with your friends.

Simply said, I am daily relinquishing my hopes and dreams into the hands of my Lord… because I’m simply His.  And I am thanking Him daily for you, praying that you will place your hand in His as well. 

So, dear friends,

Are you seeking a place of encouragement during a challenging season of life?

In the midst of difficulties, it can be refreshing to take a moment to appreciate the simple, authentic things in life.

Are you facing infertility, grief/loss, struggling with illness, chronic pain, singleness, or a husband’s unemployment, feeling overwhelmed by debt or other life situations?

As we explore creative pursuits, pursue wise stewardship with our blessings, cultivate our gifts and talents, and nurture those around us, we can allow God to minister to our hearts and renew us.

Are you looking for an affordable way to nourish your family’s health and honor God in your homemaking?

As we seek a right relationship with our Lord, and ask Him to equip us for our roles in life, He is a faithful Father who loves to bless His children.

I pray that through this site, you will be encouraged and inspired in your faith, your creativity, your stewardship, and your health.

If you would like to put my “Simple Living” button on your blog, feel free to copy & paste the code located on the right sidebar of the blog. Let me know if you do, so that I can visit your blog! If you missed any previous “installments” in my “Living a Simple Life” series, you may want to go back and read them at your leisure. You are welcome to leave comments on any of the posts; I read them all. Let me know if this has inspired a blog post of your own! Each Thursday, I write a new post in this series, so stop by next week!

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