WFMW: Comfortable & Frugal Natural Birth Classes

When I was pregnant with Enoch last year, my midwives suggested that my Beloved and I attend childbirth classes together. But as we corralled our busy toddler out of their office, we raised our eyebrows at each other in dismay.

With his busy (and unpredictable) work schedule, a lack of a regular babysitter, and my typical pregnancy “uncomfortableness”, how were we ever supposed to schedule a class (and then drive across town and sit through the entire thing on a regular basis?). On top of that, we were informed that the local Natural Birth classes typically cost $200-$300. That was really not in our childbirth budget!

Thankfully, I came across Giving Birth Naturally. It was perfect for our situation! We were able to do our online classes at our convenience by downloading the class pdf files from their weekly e-mails. Once a week, we tucked our little girl into bed, and then we had a “birth class date” together in our own home.  I loved being able to snuggle into my pillows (you know, every pregnant mama needs several!), munch on my snacks (ditto), and kick back in my comfy pajamas during class!

I enjoyed the variety of resources available on the site, from the “Study Womb” program, to the inspiring natural childbirth videos and diaries. My husband especially appreciated not having to attend an “obnoxious, embarrassing class,” as well as the affordable $50 price tag!

We had done a lot of childbirth-related reading from other books, in addition to this class, so we felt we were well-prepared. (And after the birth, my midwives agreed with me whole-heartedly, asking me what I had read that prepared me so well!)

A comfortable and frugal birthing class? It works for me!

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Note: This blog post contains affiliate links, but the opinions are mine.

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