Homemade Dress-Up Clothes (Part 4: Crown)

Kings and queens are frequently found in our home, as our children make use of the costume crown I made. (Even Enoch has fun wearing it, if Gen decides to put it on his head!) We have just finished reading about Esther in our family evening worship times, so Gen has been wearing her crown often, as she re-enacts the story.

The crown was a quick project to make. I discovered a stiffened felt (made by a company that produces eco-friendly felt from recycled plastic bottles). Costing around 70 cents per sheet of felt, this is a very inexpensive costume item in our dress-up bag.

I purchased two pieces of yellow stiffened felt (about 8 1/2 x 11″ size), and one piece of red stiffened felt that had glitter on it from a local fabric/craft store.

I used the red glitter felt for the “jewels” on the crown. (You could sew/glue on fake “jewels”, but I wanted something more durable, that wouldn’t potentially pop off the crown and get eaten by a small child.)

  • First, I measured around Gen’s head to find the necessary circumference of the crown. Then, I took a piece of the yellow felt, and drew the crown front that I wanted. (You can draw a “zig-zag” type of crown design of your choice.) I drew one that would be simple to cut out.

  • Then, I cut a length of the yellow felt to go around her head. (Allow for seam allowances, to sew it to the front crown piece.) If you had a long piece of felt, you could cut it out in one piece, but the felt I had wasn’t long enough to go around her head.

  • Cut out circles/ovals of the red (or color of your choice) felt for the “jewels.” Using a sewing machine or by hand, stitch the jewels in the placement of your choice on the crown.

  • Sew the yellow length piece to the front piece on ONE SIDE, so that it will wrap around the child’s head. (Don’t sew both sides!) Sew the seam allowance down flat against the inside of the crown, so that it will lay flat, and not “stick out” against the child’s head.

  • On the unsewn sides of the crown headpiece, sew small strips of velcro (see photo). This will allow some size adjustment of the crown, for various children or continued use as your child grows!

Place on your child’s head, and enjoy many hours of imaginative fun!

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