Living A Simple Life #90 (Thrifty Blessings)

Can I tell you the joy this photo gives this mama heart of mine?

I always feel like a cherished daughter of the King when God blesses me with something special. (You know, those little “extras” daddies like to spoil their girls with.) 

But to see Him bless my little girl, and her abounding, innocent joy in receiving? Incredible. 

We have hoped for awhile to give Gen a tricycle, but weren’t sure if we should make it a priority to purchase one. It seemed like one of those “extras,” although she did occasionally ask to have “a bicycle.”

Then we took a family trip to the thrift store last week. While Calvin was carrying in his mom’s bin of donations, we noticed an adorably child-painted tricycle sitting in the “new donations” corner. I started doing my mental math, beginning to figure out if a tricycle might be in my budget.

When we commented on the cute tricycle, the clerk said, “Yeah, I’ll sell it to you for 50 cents!” (That was definitely in my budget!)

We enjoyed browsing through the store together, and just as I began walking up to the register, we spotted another fun item. (It had been displayed right in front, but we had been so excited about the tricycle when we entered, that we’d missed seeing it when we walked in.) It was a set of Laura Ingalls Wilder books for $3! 

These books have always been an inspiring favorite of mine. I am so excited to share them with my children as they get older!

In living simply, is my heart to cultivate an appreciation in my children for the simple, authentic things of life. I choose not to purchase the “latest toys,” allowing them to develop their imaginations instead of materialism.

We believe that all we have is given to us by God, and He abundantly blesses us with not only our daily needs, but additionally in extra measure. It is definitely a pleasure to see my child experiencing some “classics,” such as good literature and a sturdy tricycle on a sunny day! 

Has God blessed you this week with a little something special? I’d love to hear!

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