Frugal & Natural Home Fragrances

A pleasant home fragrance is an important element for hospitality.

However, since I transitioned from “commercial” (synthetic) fragrances for my home and cleaning needs, I tend to be especially sensitive to many candles and air fresheners. I also prefer not to spend my grocery budget on air fresheners; especially in those wasteful spray cans!

I have recently seen some attractive options, such as “wickless candle” plug-in wax warmers. However, they typically still contain “laboratory-reproduced copies” of fragrances (chemicals) and parrafin wax (an oil-refining byproduct, which can contain carcinogens).

Thankfully, natural & frugal alternatives are available!

I still love using my homemade air freshener, as well as just keeping the windows open for a fresh breeze regularly. But I also enjoy a few other natural fragrance options for our home. (Having an older rental home, it can start to smell a bit musty…)

Earlier this year I purchased an aromatherapy diffuser from Mountain Rose Herbs, and we have all enjoyed it! With just a few drops of essential oil, it quickly adds a light fragrance to our living room.

Since I keep essential oils on hand anyway, for therapeutic and cleaning purposes, I am not purchasing any extra grocery products. A few of my favorite scents are: Lavender, Lemon, Rose Geranium, or Sweet Orange.

Simmering a pot of cinnamon tea (or hot water with cinnamon sticks/cloves) on the stove or woodstove is always a quick way to seasonally scent your home as well.

Pop some quick bar cookies into the oven (heavy on the cinnamon!), and not only will you have a tea-time snack ready for your guests, your home will smell delightful.

When candlelight really is the perfect choice, I have savored a (parrafin & chemical-free!) lavender-scented pillar soy candle from Mountain Rose Herbs, leftover from my homebirth last summer.

We burned it often for our “date nights at home” over the winter, and one candle lasted about 6 months! (They have an approximate burn time of up to 40 hours; I’m glad the birth didn’t last that long!)

Some lavender essential oil and baking soda mixed together are a great natural deodorizer for carpet when vacuuming. Just sprinkle it on, and vacuum it up! (This is a great task for little helpers; they get to make a mess!)

I love being able to bless my family and guests with a welcoming fragrance. It works for me!

So, what are your favorite home fragrance tips? Please share!

Photo Credits: n0rthw1nd, laureskew ; Note: This post contains affiliate links.

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