June Features

This month, I will be featuring posts on encouraging you in your marriage (or your preparations), in honor of Father’s Day and the popular “wedding month” of June.

I am looking forward to sharing more amazing testimonies during my Journey of Blessing Encouragment Series on Fridays. If your marriage is in a rough season or needs some inspiration, I encourage you to stop by for some encouragement in loving your husband (even when it is a challenge). I am still accepting guest post submissions for this feature, so let me know if you are interested.

If you are in the season of preparing for marriage, I am looking forward to sharing in your preparations! (Feel free to leave questions or ideas for me, and share about your experiences in the comments or by email at frugalgranola (at) gmail (dot) com.)

I will be highlighting some creative ideas for frugal, sustainable, and simple weddings, as well as preparing your heart for saying “I do.” (If you are still in a season of singleness, don’t worry; you won’t be left out!)

I am also in the final stages of completing the new Frugal Granola website (as well as a few other fun projects)! I am looking forward to introducing it to you soon. It will hopefully be ready in the coming week (and hopefully I don’t lose you or delete anything important in the meantime!) :)

If you have a testimony or a business you would like featured this month, contact me for details. Remember to subscribe for free in an RSS feed reader or email to follow along during this exciting season! I have also been sharing additional useful articles and resources through Facebook & Twitter, so you can follow me there, as well.

Photo Credits: apdk, David Boyle

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