Living A Simple Life #92 (Appreciating Femininity)

It is a joy to cultivate femininity in my home, as I seek to glorify God in my attire, attitude, homemaking, and activities.

Lately, my little girl has been absorbed in pretending to be a mama, as she nurtures a stuffed bear she calls “My Baby Ted.” Ted is regularly subjected to “nursing,” diaper & clothing changes, naptimes, and babywearing.

Gen frequently asks to wear her flowered apron as we do our chores (“just like mama”), and is gradually assuming more responsibilities in caring for our home (such as laundry). She enjoys choosing her own outfits for the day, and revealing them to us as she announces, “Look at me! I’m beautiful!” as she twirls like a ballerina. (Um… we’ll keep working on humility!) 

Seeing this imitation of myself is an incredible inspiration! It is especially motivating as I go through my day, seeking to live a life honoring to God in a simple and sustainable manner. Gen has recently enjoyed reading through the book of Ruth with us in family devotions, and we continue to talk about it in our discipline, as we encourage her to have noble character like Ruth

My baby boy is already taking joy in appreciating femininity. He cheers and claps with joy, as he sits at my feet and watches me brush and braid my very long hair. As he crawls next to me, he loves to grasp my swirling skirts as I attend to tasks in the kitchen. His nursing sessions are often interrupted by giggles, as he bats at my simple earrings or necklace for the day. (Wearing these feminine gifts from my husband is a way of blessing him, as well!) 

As we pursue raising Enoch up to be a man of God, this includes an appropriate understanding of biblical womanhood, desiring that someday, he will choose a wife of noble, feminine character. As his mama, I should certainly be cultivating this within myself (as well as his sister) as a model for him.

My husband is faithful to encourage me in my femininity, letting me know his appreciation. He blesses me with small gifts, a kind word, and opportunities to cultivate my skills. His appreciation has grown over the years.

Let me encourage you; if you are in a season where you think your husband does not notice or care, please continue to bless him and honor God. Your ministry to your husband and family will eventually bear fruit.

If you are in a season of singleness, please continue to cultivate God-honoring femininity. As you seek to become the woman God has created you to be, you will glorify him in your relationships.

I highly recommend the books Raising Maidens of Virtue and Raising a Modern-Day Knight for further reading, either for yourself or in your parenting!

Honoring God in my femininity is a way of living simply as the woman he made me to be. 

How are you cultivating femininity today? 

Photo Credit: Playingwithbrushes

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