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Have you noticed the countdown in the blog sidebar yet? I am looking forward to introducing you to a new resource soon!

I frequently receive inquiries from readers, wanting to know where they can find some of the helpful homemaking, homesteading, natural parenting/babycare, and homeschooling resources that I use everyday.

(Unfortunately, some of these affordable, unique products have been fairly hard to find… until now.) The countdown is for the GRAND OPENING of my OpenSky Shop!

On August 10th, I will be launching my OpenSky shop, to provide you with these hand-selected items!

An OpenSky shop is a way for me to directly link you to only the unique items that I love and endorse, without having to wade through any “yucky” ads or unrelated items that I don’t recommend. (Plus you’ll know exactly *why* I recommend it!)

I truly believe that purchasing from someone you know and trust is the best way to shop. This is the vision of OpenSky. How about YOU?

I have a great list of selected suppliers already, but if you’d like to become one- join here! I am looking forward to showcasing this select “marketplace” of suppliers who are passionate about their creative, innovative products.

I’m not planning on bombarding you with marketing; I am hoping this will be a helpful resource for you.

Plus, it’ll be fun! Although we’ve never had a chance to wander and window-shop together, hopefully this will be “the next best thing.”

(Just ask my sister-in-law what it’s like to browse a gift shop with me on vacation at the beach. I’ll smell every “natural” candle, and give my candid opinion on each one until my olfactory senses give out. Then I’ll giggle at the “artsy” sculptures on my way out of the shop.)

Now you can pop into the shop with me, and read my comments on products I can passionately endorse.
(See you there on August 10th!)

I love browsing little shops, discovering their unique offerings, instead of wandering through those overwhelming mass-market, commercially-focused stores. Will you visit mine?

Oh- and did you see their “Happiness Guarantee“? Now that really makes shopping fun!

“When you shop at OpenSky, we guarantee your happiness.

You may return any purchase, for any reason and in its original condition, within 1 year for a full refund. And we’ll pay for the shipping!”

I’d love to hear YOUR suggestions and requests! What do YOU want to see? (‘Cause it’s not a “real vacation” until someone pulls me into a new store to explore!)

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