Garden Joys: Simply Savoring the Sabbath

Do you ever get covered in dirt during a restful weekend? We do!

Frugal Granola

Last weekend, as we simply savored the Sabbath, we joyfully dug into the dirt, as we helped Calvin’s parents add to their garden.

As a belated Father’s Day gift (we had to wait for the weather to warm up!), we planted some new seeds. Hopefully, they will grow abundantly, and bless their table in the months to come (as well as the many people they share meals with).

Savoring the fresh air and the damp soil, we marveled at God’s blessing of His creation. While we planted, we discussed natural gardening methods from the favorite book Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times by Steve Solomon.

As I crafted a daisy chain for Gen, deterred Enoch from eating rocks, sprinkled seeds, and pulled weeds, I immersed myself in the quietness of the wind in the green leaves and the pleasure of family.

Mom and I browsed around, gathering flower & herb seeds to save for next year, and admired a gorgeous large yarrow plant she has blooming.

God is good.

We also harvested some of the first produce from our own garden this past week! The early forerunners were a couple of “golden nugget” cherry tomatoes and a handful of peas. Lettuce is almost ready to start picking, too! (We’ve had a very cold spring/summer up until this week, so harvest has been late.)

We each savored a tiny taste of this delicious seasonal harvest, in gratitude for the Lord who made them.

How are YOU Simply Savoring the Sabbath?

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Some of the seeds we planted were from Hometown Seeds; I know many of you were interested in their Survival Seed Bank option when they sponsored a giveaway here on Frugal Granola earlier this year. Right now, if you use discount code thanks you can get 20% off your order through 7/31/10. (Ad)

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7 comments to Garden Joys: Simply Savoring the Sabbath

  • Blessings

    Sincerely,NOT trying to be rude… But …Are you aware your photo’s run into the center graphics/writing and makes it hard to see pictures posted on your blog.
    Since your actual blogging/writing is a 2inch space and rest of page is buttons and archive…


    Jennie Reply:

    @Blessings, I actually have no problem with the pictures, they don’t run into anything for me.

    Wishing I had a garden to dig in, loved having my hands in the dirt and the sun on my back.


    Michele Reply:

    @Jennie- Thanks for letting me know that the pictures work for you!

    It would have been fun to share the gardening with you! :) We didn’t have too much sun on our backs, since it actually seemed on the verge of rain, but we had just enough. :)



    Michele @ Frugal Granola Reply:

    @Blessings, Oh, dear. I’m sorry you’re having difficulty! Thanks for letting me know.

    That’s not the way the layout is designed. Did you minimize your page? If you maximize the pageview to fullsize, the majority of it should be the blog post, The sidebar with buttons is only 350 pixels wide. What browser are you viewing it in?



    Tammi Reply:

    I’m not having any trouble viewing anything on the site–either in minimized or maximized mode.

    Gardening is being rather difficult this year–moose have gotten into the broccoli, bugs are on the tomatoes & peppers–figure I need to buy a spray bottle & use a soap spray on them (won’t help the broccoli, tho) We are enjoying a few cherry tomatoes & lots of rhubarb!


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